Interracial relationship a problem?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Future_Fusillier88, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone im new to the forum. Just wondering if me being black and GF white will be a problem with other serving soldiers once im in. we get a lot of grief from both colours already in civvy life i contacted online recruiters but they feed me the policy paragraph. Just looking for a honest answer as im really paranoid its going to be a problem. Thanks in advanc. :D
  2. Once you get in you will cease to be black and you will turn green, beyond that nobody will notice what colour you or your girlfriend is... They will notice if she is fit or a minger though...
  3. I've never known any problems with it, and I know a few lads married to/going out with other races (and at least one serving white girl married to a Gurkha).
  4. wah

    Why TF would there be a problem?

  5. No wah we already get distasteful stares sometimes comments from both colours. We been together 3 years and its still a everyday occurrence.
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    This has got to be a wind up, First of all who cares what they think. The armed forces are multi racial, once your in your in, and you go green.

    Good luck in your career choice.
  7. It's no worse than civvie street and probably rather better as you will "judged" (if at all) as a soldier, not on appearance (unless woefully scruffy). Suggest you OH has a lurk in the OH forum here and on Rear Party.

    Good luck with joining up.
  8. Thanks alot to you and other constructive answers.

    :D :D
  9. One of our lads has a black mrs and he doesn't get any grief, he's just pissed off at us for leching as she is fit! ;)
  10. From a wife's perspective - the Tankie is as white as the driven snow and I'm not only American, but a very brown American. And I swear I don't think anyone in the Army even noticed at first (they sure fcuking do when I open my mouth though :D ).

    Considering the fact that most British people seem to assume I'm Asian on sight, you'd think that we might get some looks - but as far as I can recall, not a one. Not from Army people, anyway.
  11. Is your bird a ginger? If she is that might be a problem, you see they should not be allowed to breed with anyone in case they have ginger kids?
  12. NOOO beautiful curvey brunette.
  13. I get the same fella, it used to bother me, now im used to it and dont give a fcuk, don't let idiots disrupt your relationship. Are you in yet or still waiting?
  14. I echo london native's view, ignore the muppets....
  15. Bollocks to the lot of em.

    You'll get more stick for being tight with the mucky pictures of your doris on your phone than being a 'darkie'

    Good luck with joining up.