Interpol boss criticises immigrant checks

Britain is failing to check would-be immigrants against a global database of suspected terrorists, the head of Interpol has revealed.

Ronald K Noble, secretary general of the policing organisation (Mr Noble is a former official in President Clinton's administration whose responsibilities included overseeing the US Secret Service). accused the Government of "putting UK citizens at risk" through the lapse.

"We have the passport numbers, fingerprints and photos of more than 11,000 suspected terrorists on our database. But the UK does not check it against immigrants coming into the country or foreign nationals it has arrested.

"The guys detained last week could be wanted, arrested or convicted anywhere in the world and the UK would not know."

At the same time, the Foreign Office came under fire from travel industry insiders for contracting-out vital security checks on immigrants to a private company based in India.

In a little-noticed move earlier this year, the Foreign Office transferred responsibility for security checks on immigrants from countries including India and Pakistan to VFS Global, a company based in India.

The business, which employs local staff, even carries out the critical task of taking applicants' fingerprints and storing them electronically.
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Also I have been reliably informed by a very informed insider that the established route into the northern regions of the UK via Norway for 'paper/visa light' Criminals, illegal immigrants and probably AQ etc. will be remaining unchecked for the foreseeable future as his funding has just been cut!
Ordinarily, I would be shocked by such revelations, but knowing the pedigree of our current lords and masters, it's just yet another sorry example of why this once great county is going to the dogs.
Bit pointless worrying about things like this. IIRC one of the murderers of PC Sharon Beshinivsky fled the country by wearing a burkha and using his sister's passport.

Unless things have changed recently, you can enter the country without a passport or any form of identification simply by claiming asylum, having flushed your passport down the kahzi on the plane.

If the government isn't going to make the most basic effort to identify people entering or leaving the country then complaining about the lack of more sophisticated checks is a bit academic.

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