Interpol at Aber, use your degree.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Pillager, May 7, 2005.

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  1. As we are famed through most OTC's for only having OCDT's studying one subject, can someone who has attended a lecture this year (not me) please beat seven shade of shiny SHlTE out of this jumped up American VVanker in this forum.
    Hes called IRONMAN in a wonderfully modest way. and his present Gripes are;-
    1)US forces have never had a foreign citizen fight in their service
    2)Gurkhas are walking sandbags for the British infantry to hide behind
    3)The war for oil is a tabloid fantasy and there is no benefit for the US Govt in controlling Iraqi oil
    4)America is not a new imperial power.

    There is little point to having Intellectual heavyweights in the OTC if we cant engage them against a yank everynow and again, call it "Friendly Fire"

    Im not Anti-yank, Im Just anti-Ignorant patronsing cnut in said forum, Views on the Falkland Island dispute have been dealt with. but you can kick him for those too if you like.

    Please slap him or poke him with a stick!
  2. Intellectual Heavyweights in the OTC? You're undergrads aren't you?
  3. It's taking you 'Intilektewal hevvywaits' a long time to work out the answer.........shall we ask the cadets to help you?
  4. To be fair Biscuits, you posted at 5pm on a Saturday and have started goading them early on a Sunday morning. I graduated from the same place and it's a pretty safe bet they were on the lash last night and are in no hurry to sit down at the computer. 99p Triple vodkas, 50p tequilas and pound a bottle nights every night of the week means a student loan goes a lot further in those parts. (You should contact one of their PSIs to arrange a night out there. V. few yokels and 18-21 yr old trim everywhere.)

    The heavyweight thing is actually a pretty fair comment. The Dept is the oldest of its kind and is widely regarded as one of the best in the world with some of the biggest names in the discipline. Their new Dept head used to teach at The Factory and while we all know that there is a strong anti-intellectual bias in HM Forces, the simple fact is that in other circles when people in the know hear that you have an Interpol degree they tend to take a bit more notice of what you have to say- especially the Spams.

    Having said that, my alcohol intake was sufficient that, would it have been in the mess, the manager would have been running to my bosses office with my bar chit screaming like a little girl at least once a fortnight. But, you know how it is- work hard play hard.
  5. Funny, as despite the War Studies department here in London is "internationally renowned, centre of excellence, blah blah blah," as soon as a War Studies blokes pipe up, everyone stops listening. I should know. :D
  6. I should like to point out that you posted during the University May Ball, so infact, nobody will have been able to see it, as the girls will have been in the 18th hour of faffing with eye-lash curlers, and the guys were all ratted in the timeframe above!!

    I alas missed out on the en-mass OTC dodgem rally, I hear our fearless signals subbie was ruling the dodgem rink with his dubious drink driving practices, anyone got photographic evidence of this esteemed event?

  7. The cadets are still on standby.
  8. Right thats it Im handing over the beating of the IRONMAN to the Media studies department, if only because they have more Filly and IRONMAN is now refusing to discuss things, in a very "head in sand" manner.
  9. There's hardly any point in continuing the argument; the fool is beaten, and the administration of any further punishment would do little more than desecrate the body.

    By the way, can anyone tell me what 'Walt' stands for, or if it does in fact stand for anything? I'm familiar with the concept, (and being an OTC boy, I know a couple...) but I've never heard the word before.
  10. Google "Walter Mitty" and all will be revealed
  11. Hence the line "in other circles when people in the know hear".

    As for Kings, it's a pretty good "trade school", I'll give you that, but you're too "little picture" the real thinkers go to Aber. :wink: If there's any doubt we can settle it with a drinking contest. You'll get schooled in what 99p triple vodkas do for your alcohol tolerance.
  12. Ah, happy days. In 2001 it was carnage. The ball coincided with my house-mate's 21st birthday so the barbecue and drinking started at around 1130. A certain then JUO (now with the Gunners) came to his senses sat cross legged on the beach at 0500, still wearing his dinner jacket, a pair of Trackkie Bs (his dinner suit trousers were later found in a church yard) and was holding a fishing rod in his hand.

    The same night my mate, (now with RTR) stole my car from outside my house because he didn't want to have to walk back down the hill (Ball was on Campus because of Foot & Mouth). He didn't even have a license at the time. I didn't know it was him that took it and just as I was about to call the Heddlu he came screaming up the street back up to the house because he was too p1ssed to find his way out of the Rhoshendre housing estate.

    Can you imagine how much mess a bungee jump after 12 hours of solid alcohol consumption can make on the floor of a car park?
  13. No I can't photos please?
  14. Sorry, none available. You will have to accept or reject my testimony as it stands. (Though I imagine that there were others there that night that post on this site and who could corroborate the story.)