Internet Wi-Fi Hotspots - Security Concerns

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ghost_Rider, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. This may of significant concern to anyone who uses Wireless Access Points, such as found in Starbucks, McDonalds or airport lounges.

  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Yawn. Dont you geeks have lives???
  3. Sorry if I have wasted 30 seconds of your valuable time - next time I'll just hack into your pc and steal all your personal data, post it on the web and see how quickly your life turns to rat sh1t!

    If its not relevant to you, why not just ignore it? I only posted it to warn off ARRSE users of a potential security issue. Thanks for your valuable input to this subject, your point has been duly noted - now sod off...

  4. Yep. A lot of which is spent clearing up the mess caused by people who dont or cant understand the implications of their IT.

    Its important to understand the security side of IT. If i turn on the WIFI on my laptop here, i can pick up 5 advertised networks from my living room (obviously people didnt read the signal power setting page of the instructions of their access points). 1 of the networks has absolutely no security set at all (its network name is RAFCPL003, way to draw attention to yourself mate 8O )

    If i was someone else, i may be tempted to break in, maybe use their broadband internet or mess with their files, run a dcom attack or infect their pc with a virus. Its not me being sensationalist, i wont do it but someone else will.

    And to quote Bill Gates "Be careful how you treat the geeks, one day you will work for one" :wink:

  5. Drunken wibble, pished, where am I? :cry:
  6. Pish bugger, I can't focus on the text 8O ;please sign when drunken bastards are in da house :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Exactly the point. I didn't even need to use bespoke software to connect to my (next-door?) neighbours Broadband. Its great, he pays £25 a month for it, I get it for a one-off £25 for the wireless card! No security, no MAC filters, DHCP enabled gives me so much to work with!!

    Why pay for it when you get it free :lol: :lol:

    Only pi$$er is I already had it installed when I found it - d'oh!

    PS The prize for the worst persec ever goes to .... Crabair! No surprise there then!!
  8. Pish! I don't understand broadband, but I understand drink with the boys?!!! Lets go feckers in Germany!! 8)
  9. Just been sent this as a recommended piece of software to combat the threat if you are running a Wi-Fi AP. Any opinions on the software gratefully received.

    If you don't want to advertise the fact you are using them, send PM with comments.


  10. Ghost, and drunk............... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  11. Yep, I am....very!! But fcuk it - its the weekend! No school til monday :lol: :?:
  12. Hook into these Wifi points all the time

    1 for work beamed right to the desktop, even did a speed test and he/she has a 1 meg downlink. Went on leave with a laptop visited 2 freinds and both had neighbours on unsecured networks. Oh and just to make it easy the network name game me the name of the access point (belkin54g and usr8054 for example) so of course they left the admin password on it too.

    What i want to say is please dont secure your networks and dont put a password on your access point because it saves me heap loads.

    You just gotta love it

    Broadband for free
  13. Ghost, no offence - je suis wee-weed, et oui, c'est le weekend!

  14. D'accord! Je suis tres desolee. Passez-moi le wife beater s'il vouz plait!
    R +
  15. Spot on! Just make sure that your next place, if you end up having to pay for it, secure your own bandwidth before someone else does!!