Internet web cameras

Does anyone on here have any knowledge or experience of these web cams you can plug into your pc that can watch your home and then you can dial into it from work?

I am after some reccommendations and fairly cheap models, dont have to have bells and whistles on or fancy gadgets, just something simple to install and use. i am usnure what to search for on google
Why, are you planning on letting your big brother borrow your room for the weekend with his missus... than watch him romp her arse senseless?

Never heard of anything like that, sounds like a funky concept though!
Have started putting in a system at the moment, it involves a number of items from different sources but it consists of 3 cameras, a timer, a USB video card and the software. The software is the part which can send info over the internet. PM me if you want more info and sourcing. Oh, the whole lots cost at the moment is under £60.


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