Internet Web Browser Problems...

Internet Web browser problems.

I have the following Web Browsers on my PC:-

Mozilla Firefox

(a) Ever since I upgraded IE7 to IE8, it has creates high overheads on memory (I have MicrosoftXP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 installed. I have an AMD processor 3000+ 1.61GHz & 448 Megabytes of RAM on broad).

(b) Ever since I downloaded and installed Adobe Flash10 Player, IE8 now no longer plays U-tube type videos. I always get message that AdobeFlash10 needs to be installed, when it already is on my system.

(c) When I run Mozilla ‘Firefox’, U-Tube videos work. However ‘Firefox’ keeps trying to run a process called ‘plugincontainer.exe’ and this really brings my PC to a standstill. I have aborted this process through the ‘Task Manager’. However ‘plugincontainer.exe’ starts itself up again.

(d) I have looked at Websites about these problems and they advise that there is a programming fault in IE8 that clashes with adobe falsh10. Apparently neither Microsoft or Adobe are willing to do anything about this at the moment. (So it is alleged).

(e) There is no ‘get round ‘ except to uninstall IE8 then download and install. When I run the ‘Add and Remove’ Programs through Control Pane;. IE8 does not show up on the list of ‘populated’ programs???

(f) I have tried to uninstall ‘Firefox’ but my system won’t allow this. When I ‘click’ the ‘remove’ button, nothing happens except to bounce he display??

(g) I have uninstalled ‘Oracle’ as similar ‘plugins’ etc were being installed, and memory overheads were being ‘chewed up’.

(h) I installed ‘Lunascape6’ in the hope off having a simplified Web Browser that doesn’t ‘add on’ all sort so of crap’.

Help………. !!! Any ideas, especially how to resolve IE8 if I can uninstall this. The Web Forums in respect to IE8 and Adobe Flash10 problem suggest removing IE8 and downloading and installing IE7 as a ‘get round to the IE8 problems with Flash10.

It’s driving me crackers…….!!! I have run anti-spyware and anti-virus (Webroot Spysweeper), plus other stuff like ‘Malwarebytes’, and nothing is reported.

Any advice would be welcomed…!!
Both the IE8 & Firefox problems seem to be being caused by Adobe Flash (it's one of the few things that the 'plugin container' deals with).

I'd strip Adobe Flash off your PC completely, and try a clean install to see if that makes any difference.

However one of the main causes of your problems is that you only have 512Mb of RAM installed. That really isn't that much on a modern system. You should at least double it or if you can bump it up to 2Gb so much the better.
bin the lot. use chrome.
Look on the bright side - at least he didn't recommend linux :)

512Mb is low, but still probably falls within the 'are you thinking faster than the computer is' rule of thumb for upgrading.

And how is that going to solve memory bottlenecks?
In all honesty, I haven't a clue, but he certainly won't regret it.

(I've seriously considered Ubuntu after a recent virus orgy but I don't think I could stomach the compatibility problems.)
As for the memory issue. an athlon 3000+ would have used original DDR memory if i remember correctly. 2 gig can be obtained for £66 at SCAN.CO.UK. Also the 3000+ ran at 1.8 ghz so are the bus speeds set correct because it seems he's underclocking to me. A socket 939 athlon should quite happily go straight up to 225 on the FSB with no need for extra cooling.

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