Internet tablets in Theatre

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Under the Radar, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi I'm due to deploy in a few months and have heard all sorts of rumours about internet tablets being banned. I just wondered if anyone out there now or that has been recently can give me a better heads up as this is as clear as mud.

    If you can take them please feel free to recomend the best ones.

  2. There were a host of IPads where I was and took a Galaxy Tab, none of us had any dramas, I did take the SIM card out though...I don't know if I Pads have the same ability and they could fall under the " No Mobile phones in theatre" ruling.
  3. So my answer to your question here was not the one you wanted? Shall I repeat it for you?

    It is clear as crystal to all except the most stupid. If your device is 3G, or uses a mobile phone signal to communicate with a network or other device then you can not take it to Afghanistan. So no, you cannot use your 3G iPhone, iPod or iPad, or other phone or tablet. If you have a wifi only iPad etc then you can take it.

    See, it really is simple!
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  4. I took an iPad and a 13 inch laptop for watching films with a couple of 1TB USB powered hard drives. You can't connect to the internet on both devices at the same time. I mainly used the iPad for Facebook and emails - the connection is too slow for anything else. Avoid Android tablets at all costs. Also, ensure automatic updates is turned off or the laptop will grind to a halt.
  5. They are. Only tablets prescribed by the MO or a doctor can be taken.
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  6. Most people actually do take their mobile phones with them as they like to use them for the stupid waiting times before flights from Brize. They just don't turn them on in theatre. Saying that I know many who take their sim cards out of the phones and then switch them on when they need contact numbers etc. Plus a lot of the guys have games and shite on the phones.

  7. MDN shat on my phone, hence I had to buy a new one.

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  8. Take an iPod touch out there, wifi only, full tiniterweb access for keeping in touch and small enough to hide from light fingered people.

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  9. This confuses me.
    Isn't the mobile phone ban about restricting communication from theatre then? If people can go online, why not use a phone?
  10. Because a phone call can be listened to and from experience, DF'd if left turned on in a pocket or daysack. (although I doubt terry are that good)

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  11. I'd be aware of the security dangers of skype/facetime, although, if the tablet is running on a wifi network, the range that an attack on communications would have to be relatively close by.
  12. to my knowledge- skype's protocol haven't been cracked /yet/- it can be used as a secure way of communication.
    Does ban on mobile phones is caused only by the fear of being eavesdropped? What about uploading hm.. photos? or sending encrypted mail or off-the-record communication, etc, etc?
  13. Look, it's quite simple. First off, if you connect a mobile or similar to the local mobile network then the network gets access to all your details for billing purposes. They also get to look at the numbers you call and so on. In AFG that means that Terry has access. This can - and has - be used to track you and your familiy down in the UK. The management feel that they'd rather not wait until something bad happens as a result to ban using personal mobiles in theatre.

    Now, for local mobiles sourced in theater it's different. As long as they're used for what they're intended for they can't be used against us.

    The second reason is Op MINIMISE. It only takes one thoughtless idiot blabbing on the phone to make what is a difficult enough time for the bereaved even harder.
  14. The actual skype protocol is built on 256bit AES encryption, which is good enough for US Top Secret clearance, the problem with skype is the implementation - there are certain security holes which theoretically could be breached to allow remote code execution, and with it theoretically access to the call itself. Then all you have to do is let slip something you shouldn't.

    I'd say its pretty unlikely that an attack like that would be used against someone, but that you should be aware of it.
  15. i thought the internet in theater was designed around satelight rather than local phone network connections meaning there unable to track anything (packet analyser software run on an exchange would other wise enable them to duplicate everything and thus give full access to everything otherwise) what with that being the same sort of thing they would be doing with mobiles, never mind the whole gps locking spying seeing what the camera sees stuff, and people lets not be daft if one network can do it they all can the handsets dont change from one country to another.