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Discussion in 'Officers' started by the_good_life, May 1, 2005.

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  1. Is it true that cadets will be able to buy broadband and sky for their rooms at sandhurst or is this just a rumour?

    If it does happen when will it be?

    Can anyone shed any light on this topic?
  2. Sounds like someone's been telling you porkies.
    They'd never get any time to watch it for a start. Although, I'd imagine most would make time for the £5 a night they spend on some of the channels in the 900s.
    Filth... :D
  3. I'm more concerned about why I haven't got it in my mess!
  4. Hi,

    Its true, It's called 'Project Portico' and information can be found on the RMAS communities board on ArmyNet

  5. Project Portico will provide the Inter and Senior terms in New College and Victory Buildings with telephone, Internet, FM radio and both terrestrial and satellite television connections in each Officer Cadet room.
  6. Huh! And there was me thinking they had made RMAS easier! :wink:
  7. I just jolly well hope the FM radio is fixed on Radio 4. Brrraaa. Standards.
  8. Couldn't agree more, Adjutant Sir!

    Another death knell for Mess life again. "Let's all stay in our own rooms, staring at the computer screen downloading porn or watching mindless drivel on Sky One instead of being sociable, having a few drinks with our mates and living our lives".
    Another step towards an 'Army of Individuals?' :cry: