Internet Shopping - NOT FOR PERSONAL GAIN (EDIT: Or a scam?)

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(Edit: you decide!)

Interested in saving money, I can show you a way to save money, its not a get rich quick scheme and I am not selling anything, Question: Do you buy anything on the internet? If you do would you like to get a discount and generate some income as you shop online? Yes! then read on. A friend mentioned it to me and showed me that I could earn money, much like loyalty points but instead its real money they send you. The whole idea is you have a internet shop that you use for your own orders. You don't have to get anyone else to buy stuff from your shop you just join for FREE and then whenever you want to buy anything you simply do it through your own Ei42 shop and you earn yourself a commission. How EASY is that? I do it and it works and its totally legitimate.

The good news is that you are able to refer other friends to join. There really is nothing to lose, you can all help each other. If you are remotely interested in saving money and want to find out more email me at and I will pass on all you need to know, or visit my shop at My Shopand click on the Find Out More button top right.

It only started in Feb this year and everybody seems to be talking about it and it's growing really quickly. If you consider how many people joined facebook for social networking last year, (in the UK alone it was about 20,000 per day!) imagine how many will join this where you can all earn money?

Remember, I am not selling anything and its totally free it has nothing to do with the company I work for and its UK based.

Any questions please ask or email me and I will attempt to answer them. If you are not interested in saving money then ignore this topic.

Regards Baffy :D
Feck me, speaking out of your arrse mate!

Pyramid sales, think it's illegal, but it's certainly guaranteed to lose you friends in the process. Dreadful idea, bad enough you fell for it yourself, worse still, you tried to push it here. Shame on you.
Baffy has written to me about this and assured me that this is not for profit, and I have replied saying that his post does scream out that this is not true. Regardless of that everyone is welcome to use it as he pleases, and this forum is for discussing discounts rather than abuse - unless well founded.

What I would add is that his claim that discounts via an intermediary is something ground breaking are not entirely accurate - there are loads of cashback and discount sites out there which really are a good idea. See here for the best (I think it considers the top 30!):
Ahhh... just looked again. This is not cash back. Investigation under way. Wait out.
Its also a pyramid dealy so baffy gets commission
Just a pyramid scam dressed up differently:

Quote from website -

Steps to Success:

1. It is much more effective to call 20 people for 3 minutes each than email 200. So send your friends the link by all means but following up with a call is so important. Your friends need to hear your excitement about Ei42, the fact that it is just launching and how SIMPLE it is.

2. Rather than trying to explain it to people, the FIRST and easiest thing to do is say, "Are you by your computer?" type in this website" (give them, say this is my new online shop, it took 2 mins to set it up and everytime I buy from it I get Cashback/Commission, do you shop on the internet? If you could get cashback everytime you shopped in your own shop, would you want one as well?...

[NB, telling them at this stage that you will effectively get part of any cashback they earn may be contra-indicated]

3. Once they've set up their shop, call them back and show them how to go into their back office by clicking on shop name, how to refer friends and the tools so they know the 2 ways of sending people to their site.

If everyone does this, they'll build a team of 400 in 6 days!

If everyone does this (ie, recruits 20 fresh members who, within six days, each recruit 20 fresh members), in a little less than 36 days, every single person in the UK will be a member.

Wouldn’t touch it with the proverbial barge pole!

Baffy, you’ve been caught out! :evil:

Mr Happy

I'm going to lock this now but anyone with anything significant to say can contact me directly.

Many many www firms provide cash back if you host a link or bring them in business. In this, the original poster is accurate.

Amazon, for example, does this by offering something like 15p per book and when you’ve accumulated enough 15p’s, say about £5 worth, they’ll pay your bank account. Its no scam and is entirely common and used by many many websites. It doesn’t cost the buyer an extra 15p or anything and is simply a form of commission. It is tracked by, IIRC, the URL. So amazon knows where the clicked link comes from and can pay the linking website.

This however is a new layer in the process, in that, somebody else (this threads OP) makes some money as well. It isn’t illegal and it is NOT PYRAMID SELLING. There is nothing wrong with what is being offered and infact it is a useful collection of sites and discounts.

I would look at this site however and if you end up doing lots of business through your friends/associates with a particular brand name, then you might find it beneficial to create your own relationship with the company than go through this layer.

In addition, if you buy anything over the internet regularly, e.g. like I do from Amazon, going through your own 'retailers account' (about 10 mins to set up) means you get the extra discount! You don't have to shove it down friends throats, just use it yourself. I do!

Mr H
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