Internet Service Providers for Military Phone Network

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by 101_Disciple, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. Not entirely sure if this is the right forum to post on, but it seemed the most appropriate.

    There are a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that have military network numbers. In other words you take your laptop, plug it in to the military phone system and instead of dialling up a civilian phone number you dial up a military one and are connected to the internet (not the MoD intranet) via that.

    Does anyone know who these ISPs are and where I can find more information (i.e. numbers to dial, tariffs etc)? I know for a fact that these exist and are fully legit as I remember an oppo telling me about this some time ago - but unfortunately at the time I had a regular ISP and didn't write anything down.

    Any help gratefully received. VMT.
  2. Yes there is MILNET

    However you need to have the Mil phone you wish to use enabled which will require a statement of user requirment sent to DCSA/DFTS. Heres the speal!

  3. Thanks disco, very quick reply. This is interesting. seems to offer two solutions. The first is available using a level "0" military phone (i.e. one that can dial outside the military network). But if you had this you could use any dial-up ISP that did not require Caller Line Identification (not sure how many do or don't, but there must be more than just out there).

    The second aspect they talk about is more interesting: a SAB dialling code. According to the help pages this needs to be set up by the Authorised Telecoms Officer for your base and is site wide.

    However the scheme I have heard of is one whereby an ISP has a phone number that you can access from the whole military network. Much like any other number on the system - but this one is to an ISP modem.

    Anyone know any more?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I saw someone using AOL and a mil line.

  5. Never heard of that before, but with the apparent demise of the military operator (dial 100) all mil phones I have had access to (UK only) have been opened up to outside lines, i.e. dial '0' for a civvy line. This would just need to be added to your dial-up properties for your pc to access an ISP. I've seen it done.

    Is anyone watching the phone bill??? 8O
    From MilNetUK: We have been asked to point out that the phone calls to the MilNet Internet access number are not free. The cost of these calls is born centrally by MoD, who do not wish internet connections from MoD phones to be used for private, individual, purposes. Use for work/business purposes, is, we understand, acceptable.

    My bold
  6. The fact the Army Telephone network is all commercialised means nothing is run locally anymore. Each PABX has a call logger and the network should flag up those calls that cost the most orare too long etc but it needs to be configured first. On top of that if the Mil wanted info regarding a particular exchange well that call log dump will cost in excess of £400 so they tend to say fukc that!!

    With all level 0 access if they want to get you they can so it is best to treat with respect. If you can make 0845 calls then usually you`ll be fine to do light browsing and check email, however you are not allowed to connect unauthorised PC equipment to the ATN so be careful and use an official stand alone PC built for the job of internet use. Also leaving the connection open all night dripping in torrents etc is another bad idea and may as well paint a big red target on your back for the SO2 G6 to hunt you down.
  7. I know its not ideal but I've found a few Sergeants/SNCO's messes that have wifi networks available and they're free (well mess fees apart)
  8. which ones?
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    2LI Offr Mess in edinburgh for one. One broadband line in, then wifi for all in the building. Controlled so secure access log ons to livers in only. all for 2 quid a head a month. Org'd by a civvie friend of a friend who was an IT geek
  10. Do you have any idea how they manage to achieve a reasonable range? I use a Netgear router which has a range within the building of less than 60 ft (advertised at up to 300ft). It's working (obviously) but the thick walls (a good, solid 1920s building) attenuate the signal something rotten!

  11. Gents be careful in that any WIFI LAN will contravene JSP440 and if found will result in shut down and confiscation of the kit. It is possible to apply for and get a waiver but this would be based on the location of the building. If it is bang in the middle of camp then it will be prohibited however if the building is FAR away from any Mil services you may be lucky. Just dont invite any IDA nazis around for lunch in the mess while a staff officer shouts, "Im sending you the Bde Op order over the WIFI now!!"
  12. Thanks, Disco. We are in a Mess remote from the main site, and our broadband connection is used purely for personal purposes. And I control access. Anyone dissing me gets cut off!

    I will keep a closer eye on the sy aspects!

  13. Hi Mate,

    Could you clarify this please?
    Are you saying that I couldn't wirelessly connect my PC to another PC in the same building (Both privately owned PCs)?


  14. Theoretically no, not on MOD property and that includes bluetooth devices but the JSP is down to a certain amount of interpretation - and a certain amount of applied common sense - there are a number of camps now that have wireless solutions provided for internet access for the singley.

    More to the point of the original thread, the author should read the paragraphs of the 440 (last rewrite) relating to transmission of data over the mil phone network by privatly owned computers.
  15. Wifi 802.11 a/b/g is clearly defined in JSP 440 and is in the main banned on all of the MOD estates. This includes Messes and privately owned WIFI enabled equipment. The DCSA is currently investing time and money in equipment to detect and trace WIFI signals on MOD estate. I have recently seen two cases of privately owned wireless equipment being confiscated on establishments from blocks/messes.
    As with all things though there is a loop hole, as long as the CO over rules the JSP with a written declaration or permission for each system that is basically worded along the lines that it does not affect the security of his camp or the integrity of its IT systems. Good luck to anyone who can get this type of permission as the CO is then ultimately responsible for anything that happens with that wireless connection.