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Hello everyone... I spend some time writing quizzes for an internet quiz site. Here are the links to some that I've done with the British military in mind. Could you have a go at 'em and give me feedback that I can apply to improve any quizzes that I write in the future?

[The 1st Battalion of British Infantry Regiments Quiz - U.K. Military

British Military Nicknames and Abbreviations Quiz - U.K. Military

The 2nd Battalion of British Infantry Regiments Quiz - U.K. Military

Many thanks!

Steve M
The 2nd quiz is dubious on 2 answers. We called our peak-caps "crap hats"

Also, the annual test could be ICFT, or BFT.
Thanks for that Smudger.... I was discharged over 20 years ago, so the answers that I've put are as I remember them :) I did think about listing all the different names that units refer to their own or to other units headress etc but the list became sooooo long it was unworkable! Thanks again...

Steve M
I did the "1st battalion " quiz The quiz questions were good and pleasantly generalist. They would be good for a people with military history interest. The question about officers in a rifle company did not specify "Commissioned Officers". I can see why you used the opportunity to comment on e.g. shortcomings of the SA 80, but that IMHO was a distraction and looked as if you were over keen to demonstrate your military experience. If I do a quiz I just want to know what the answer was. But that's just an opinion.
Not bad, but as has been said, there are a lot of annual tests. The quiz on nicknames etc, was fine for people with a military background, but would flummox someone with no experience. Perhaps questions along the lines of ;what nickname is given to the Parachute Regt? That sort of thing.
Hi Pteranodon.... Thanks for your feedback. It is, unfortunately, a requirement of the site that when you submit a quiz that you add what they call 'interesting information' and that is why it looks as if I might be 'showing off'....:)
2nd quiz - the peaked caps when I was around were known as tw*t hats

Crap hats was the term anyone not airborne.

BFT afterf NAAFI break, mind you my lot were lucky. Always did them straight after first parade or in lieu of the regimental run.

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