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im posted to germany and my wife and kids are staying here,
im going to need to get internet in my room to use skype and online game can anyone tell me who the best mobile phone company is for this as i dont think ill be able to get a fixed line put in


Should'nt be a problem getting a fixed line, if you are in the Mess or even in the Juniors accommodation, just need to keep the other feckers from using it. A mate of mine had a private line 15 years ago, as long as he got permission from the PMC at the time,


I never got a landline myself but knew a couple of lads that did it in the block while I was in Germany, they didn't seem to have any problems getting a landline in the block and you get much fairer upload speeds in Eurpoe than you do over here.

Very good for torrenting :)
im the lad who higround was talking about...

ask your sqms. he will approve then all you have to do is watch the contractors put your line in... this will give you half a day off work too

i had mine with t mobile. good speeds are availiable and the lads paid my bill because it was wireless

make sure you use a mac filtertable or youll beam it out to anyone with a laptop and a wireless card. slowing it down considerably.

any other qs ill be happy to answer if i can.

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