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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by DMSDAVE, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. I got a scanner the other day so i could e-mail documents to a potential employer. Every time i try and send them either as a file or via the scanner nothing happens. I must be doing something wrong ,could some switched-on computer buff offer any advice? Thanks.
  2. So. You scan the file, then save it as filename.extension?

    Then email it as an attachment? I fail to see where you can go wrong?
  3. We have a basic HP scanner at work. Scan and save to desktop as Tif/jpeg, get a free PDF converter, press print, select PDF coverter, convert and save to file. (We use PDF to help prevent 'fiddling' at the other end).
    Don't know if this helps?
  4. R.T.F.M. 8O
    Hope this is of some use :D
  5. Are you able to scan the document and get it into a file on your PC that you can look at? If so, your scanner is OK.

    Can you send a short email to the intended recipient, without any attachments? If so, the problem lies with the attachment. If not, the problem is with email.

    What size is the file you are attaching? Scanners can create huge files. Some email servers will reject mails with very big attachments or if the recipient's mailbox doesn't have enough space. Scanner software usually has a 'text', 'monochrome' or 'draft' option to create smaller scan files. Scanning to a jpg file usually gives a smaller output than other formats.

    Is your mail server OK? Can you send email to others?

    If all else fails, send a telegram or buy a telex machine. Much more reliable than this new, fangled email.

    That'll be three shillings and sixpence. Mate's rates.
  6. Have you tried the input knob??
  7. 8O Ooh, Hark at her!
  8. Of course I've tried the input - and don't call me a knob.