Internet on HTC Desire

The phone connects to the internet via mobile or wifi just fine, but when I tether the phone
to my laptop or set up as hotspot I get local access only (yes the mobile internet is turned on) any ideas or tips?
Just tried it to see what the problem might be but hooked up fine. Tell me if you are doing anything different:

1. Turned off wireless on the laptop
2. Connected the charging lead to the laptop and phone then selected 'USB tethering' on the phone 'USB connection type' on phone
3. Laptop takes 30 seconds to find and connect to network
4. I refresh page and it loads quickly (still connected through wireless on phone to my router)
5. Turn off wireless on phone, mobile connection comes on
6. Refresh page again and it loads slowly (mobile network)

Are you connecting phone to computer by wire or Bluetooth?
Have you got 'Mobile network - Use phone for data connection when Wi-Fi is unavailable' checked?

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Counterstrike-thanks but still only getting local access-where do i find

'Mobile network - Use phone for data connection when Wi-Fi is unavailable' checked?
Settings --> Wireless & networks -->
I don't have that option-perhaps I have a different software version to you or it varies between network-either way I am still not getting connection.
I'm on Android 2.2 (usually called froyo). The version before that my phone had when I bought it didn't support using it as a wireless hotspot although I think you could tether with a cable, not sure.

Go to:
Settings --> About phone --> Software information
Should show Android 2.2 If not:
Settings --> About phone --> System software updates --> Check now

I'm on Vodafone and they let me tether and hotspot, don't know about the others.
On Android v 2.2 alright. Might have to go and talk to the Orange people. Will be uber pissed off if there is a reaso why I can't tether as I described what I wanted to be able to do to them and they came up with this phone and tarrif
Just forund this on the orange website

In order to protect the experience for the majority of customers, we only support mobile broadband tethering on our network via data bundles specifically designed for this use. Although we do not currently offer these for HTC Desire customers, we are actively looking into technical options to deliver this for our customers and would like to apologise for any inconvenience this matter causes customers in the interim

******* let me go onto a tarrif that doesn't allow me to do what I described!!!!
Are you using windows 7? I could connect the old laptop on vista not a problem new laptop on windows 7 doesnt even see the phone even though it's connected.

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