Internet nuke plotting.

Brilliant - we can drop a Tsar Bomba on Calais and get away with the mildest of sunburn here in Dover.

Anyone know where we can get one?

How many words of French does an Englishman need to know?
Just the one will do - Agincourt.
It's good to remind them every now and then.



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MrShanklysboots said:
An asteroid impact anywhere on the British Isles means we are all in the "red Zone".

I assume this is not a good thing?
True, but an asteroid impact in Kentucky USA will clear North America, Mexico, Colombia and parts of peru and and Brasil, enough for us to try again.
Roadki11 said:
PE4rocks said:
Minutes of fun;

If they'd just add a downwind plot, that'd be grand.

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Try this link for the fallout and pressure wave stuff.

Huddersfield seems a good target for a Tsar Bomba.. Should flatten Manchester/Leeds/Bradford/Sheffield and with a nice westerly breeze put Grimsby under an inch of radioactive ash.... :twisted: :headbang: :skull:
Oh I say! A much better choice of WMD 'n' stuff;
***** Highly recommended. :D

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