Internet Monitoring on Herrick

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by drummer9, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. A quick question as I'm deploying soon. Is there any chance on HERRICK to get onto the internet from your own computer and are internet communications monitored? TIA.
  2. There is WiFi in Bastion from your bedspace. In the FOBs you'll have to use the hard wired computers. It's not monitored.
  3. Bastion is monitored. Couple of lads were investigated and charged because they were posting details of a pending Op. The Op was obviously cancelled. You will not be able to receive ARRSE in theatre.
  4. You could get it on Herrick 12. At the start the pages wouldnt load, I sent an Email to Paradigm but they said they weren't blocking it. Then when the site got upgraded, it loaded up fine.
  5. Arrse is working fine here at the moment...
  6. It's not monitored. They posted the details on facebook and someone from their unit grassed them up. Doesn't mean someone is sat there looking at what everyone is posting on the internet.
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  7. We had one of our AH drivers asked to take a visit via RMP because of documentation on his computer, all restricted info was removed. He was informed there is an Ops duty of care to maintain overwatch.
  8. Doesn't prove someone was watching what he was posting on the internet. It just proves someone knew he had restricted stuff on his laptop.
  9. Think of the logistics of monitoring all the internet traffic coming out of Bastion - never mind the stuff from the FOBs as well.

    I would imagine it's the same rules as the sat phones. You may be monitored - but the simple rule is: don't post operational details on Facebook / Twitter / Myspace etc. If you wouldn't tell it to the Afghan bloke working for KBR, don't put it on the net.

  10. Yours will be now!

    Just use encrypted Email, they'll never suss and nobody will come knocking on your door.

  11. i'm sure installing a few packet sniffers and setting up rules for key words/phrases would not really take too much effort ...
  12. ARRSE didn't work last year (H11), but is working fine now.

    All comms are monitored to some extent.
  13. Re you PM, I checked with the powers that be and they say you'll be ok to log on to and so stop worrying.
  14. Used ARRSE with no probs in theatre, depends where you are though as bandwith will vary depending on site.
  15. Arrse was freely available via paradigm on H13.