Internet/ICANN: Common Sense Prevails

AndyPipkin said:

Thank feck the stultified corrupt beurocracies of the EU and UN didn't get their hands on it, nor their freedom-loving allies in China and Iran.
Hear hear
the alternative looked like becoming a nightmare
Did the EU and UN ever seriously believe that the USA would consider giving something that they have spent several billion dollars developing over to a bunch of incompetant corrupt cnuts (the EU and UN that is)? This was one of the most stupid and doomed attempts by a spoilt kid trying to get his pre-pubecent hands on Daddy's car keys.

If you don't want the US to control it then fine: build you own (like the EU is trying to do with GPS). Should only cost the wrong side of 30 Bn EUR.

Was their main complaint that the US has started to crack down on kiddie porn and that has scared the cr@p out of the Germans and ragheads?

Rant over.


PS Am half cut on local firewater as have been headbanging the useless cnuts at UNMIK administration all day. THE UN STINKS! Have found new job. Deploy out of UN in 3 weeks. With enough regimental showers I might get the UN odour off me.
It wasn't the idea of sharing control over something that has become a complete necessity, it was the thought of China, Iran, and other assorted nasties getting more control over their citizens.

By leaving ICANN in the hands of the more free speech consious country on earth, is a good way of ensuring that lowering the bar is impossible or very difficult.
The main trouble at the moment is the US gov have a very hands off approach to ICANN this is a good thing the EU and the UN wanted more control unfortunatly most of the people at the EU and even worse at the UN did'nt have a clue what it was they were asking for control.
if the US had been evil they'd filled a room with old servers and a few leds mounted a guard outside and said heres the controls for the internet.
I bet most of the politco's would have fallen for it
by the way the US goverment did not build the internet its a net work not a static thing.
if you can point to any US gov internet infrastructure in the EU asia or anywhere else
Here's what we can expect if this collectivist rabble get control of the internet.

A small army of technocrats, numbering up to 40,000, is employed to watch over China's 100 million-plus internet users, or "netizens", the second-largest internet population in the world after the US. They have been bolstered by a raft of new regulations introduced earlier this year that restrict what websites and bulletin boards can talk about or report.


...the main targets of the government's crackdown are the myriad blogs and the Chinese-language online forums such as Tianya Community, Yannan Forum and Xicihutong. Not only do they spread the news that is not reported by official news agencies such as Xinhua, but they offer a national perspective on current events."

How the Great Firewall of China keeps cyber dissidents in check
By David Eimer in Beijing
Published: 16 November 2005
Shanghai. October 28. INTERFAX-CHINA - Wikipedia, the largest multilingual open access encyclopedia on the Internet, became the target of the authorities displeasure in Mainland China recently, as access to both the English and Chinese versions of have been blocked for more than one week, starting October 20. The block, preventing Internet users in China from viewing the sites, was implemented without any official statement from Chinese authorities. China's 'Golden Shield' project, sometimes referred to as the 'Great Firewall of China' allows authorities to block access to Internet content at their discretion.

"Wikipedia blocked in China for the third time"
What about the Nordic SS (Viking, I think), the Dutch SS?

Read Lidell Hart. History of Second World War, for your answers without petty sniping.

I am interested to know of the former legionaires fighting at Bir Hakim: At Les Invailides, THE french military museum they've a large display on Bit Hakim. No mention of their that their opponents were former legionaires, though.

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