Internet Hardmen

You know the ones im talking about.

The kind that whenever you have a discussion with them, and a subsequent disagreement. Instead of actually thinking about what other people have just said and realising they are wrong, decide to tell you that they are huge, could break you in half if they ever met you in real life etc.

Then once they have been soundly embarresed by people taking the piss. They decide that they dont have time to sit here and debate this with a bunch of "losers" and that they are off to meet with their friends/super sexy girlfriend (both which are lies)

Who do they actually think theyre kidding? Or do they genuinely want to have a fight from someone over the internet over something extremely pointless and/or dull?
You find very few, if any, here.
I did see one guy. Turntable I think?

I wasnt saying they were everywhere just that when they do crop up, how very strange it is.
if your looking for internet hardmen to wind up, go on yahoo chat, especially the political rooms.
i'v lost counting the number of times 'they are going to get me' or i'v been 'reported to the FBI for threatening the president' :p

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