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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by thebutlerdidit, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Unwisely tried to upgrade to IE8, which I couldn't not get to work. Reinstalled IE7 (several times) but IE still not working. It launches partially complete then closes within seconds, or just hangs and closes, using alternative browser now. I know there are those that will say IE is a bag of crap and am inclined to agree but would be interested in resolving problem.

    I have also tried system restore to no aval.

    Many thanks
  2. I was thinking of trying IE8; but thank you for the warning!

  3. I gave up on IE7 a while back & now use Firefox or Opera.
    A lot more stable & does not crash so much!
  4. I'm using IE8 with no problems. Not trying to rub it in!

    You say you couldn't get IE8 to work, why? What was happening, did the install complete successfully?

    Also, what version of Windows are you running?

    Have a look in Add / Remove Programs in the Control Panel and see if your PC thinks IE8 is still installed (If you run Vista it's under Programs and Features). If there is an entry there try uninstalling it. If it fails you may have to reinstall IE8 and then uninstall it properly.
  5. If you like them (which I do) give google chrome a whirl, it is a lot faster than firefox and has the preview panes like opera.
  6. You now have a problem, the way you have said it you did not uninstall IE8 and then tried to install IE7 over 8, a no no. As Litotes has said go into your Control Panel and find your software uninstaller and try and remove all instances of Internet Explorer. Problem is the IE8 install will have overwritten some of IE7's software thus making IE7 unworkable. If that works, reboot and install IE7, if that does not work, get onto another computer and head over to Microsoft and look for an answer there. They I am sure will be waiting as I am sure you will not have been the only one with a problem :)

  7. Internet Explorer 8 is not on release yet. Very unwise to install it on anything but a test machine.

    Google Chrome is excellent.
  8. Thanks for all the advice, according to add remove programmes I have internet explorer 7 installed, I am fairly sure that when I went back to 7 it told me it was removing 8.


    Now evaluating Chrome, Safari and Opera to see which to switch to!
  9. You can't go wrong with chrome, I find it very fast and so easy to use ;)
  10. Anyone give me a heads up on Crome please?At present I use Firefox,having binned IE several years ago.
  11. Downloaded Crome after reading this thread.

    It knocks spots off IE and Firefox, I'm sold on it now, best browser I have used to date.
  12. I use chrome now after being hooked on firefox for years. it transferred all my bookmarks and passwords easy peasy and I have set it to open all the pages I visit regularly(arrse included) when it starts up in different tabs.
  13. IE8 was officially released on March 20.

    And it installs (on Vista Ultimate 32 bit) as an update. So to uninstall it, you have to uninstall the update. Details below:

    No problems with it so far and unlike the beta, it hasn't got that annoying habit of screwing up McAfee. Not that McAfee needs any help.
  14. Doh! Fair enough!

    Not done so on mine yet. Will keep an eye out for it but don't use it anymore anyway. I've got one on V32U, one on V64H and one on XP

    Saw this:
  15. Maybe it depends on your internet provider. Mine is Orange PCSBroadband.

    I find Chrome rather slow, but not as slow IE 7 or 8.

    But its not as fast as Mozilla, and not as easy to use IMO. I've been using Chrome for the las 2 weeks, but I'm going to go back to Mozilla tonight.