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Discussion in 'REME' started by Crazy_cellar_dweller, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Okay it's not a REME related topic, but as were supposed to be the top ten percent. I'm moving back to the UK, what are the best entertainment options ie TV, internet and I suppose telephone for her indoors? International calls will be made!!
  2. I couldn't suggest which is the best ISP to go for but you may find this is very handy for overseas calls. It performs better than Skype because you can make calls from your PC to a landline without incurring a charge.
    Have a look at the countires that have free calls.

  3. If your going to live in a cable area get yourself broadband and cable modem and spa3102 ATA router.

    You can then open up a VOIP account with a provider such as voipcheap and make totally free calls to Germany and other contries using your internet connection.

    How it works - you connect the spa3102 to the modem and the computer connects to the spa3102. You then program your sip account details given to you by voipcheap or other voip provider into the spa - that way you can just plug in your normal phone and there is no need to have a pc on to make free phone calls.

    As for the cable TV - you can buy yourself a dreambox 500 or 600 and get some decent software for it - and watch all your cable for free - I recommend the dreambox 600 as you can fit this with an internal hard drive and that way you can record onto it - also you can change the internal tuner to a satellite tuner and you can get free satellite tv from abroad with the proper software/cams installed.

    If you are not a technically minded guy - just shop around and ask what everyone else is doing in your area.
  4. Sound too good to be true! Is it really that easy?
  5. Make sure you can get all the PORN channels.