Internet dating walts

Seems to be a few about, heard of a couple of cases over the last few months.

One of s.w.m.b.o. mates has been conversing via e-mail with an Army lad. arranged to meet him in Manchester last week and he didn't turn up. Apparently rather convently his wounds he recieved in afgan started leaking so they sent him back to hospital. Our Dorris dosen't know that I know a mutual friend dropped it by accident in conversation. :rofl:

I'd love to oust the fcukwit and give him a scudding, walt cnut.
Sure I read there was a scam going round where people were flecceing dosh out of women from dating sites, asking for air fares to get home ect.....

Should be a criminal offense in this country like the USA

Boils my piss.

Rant over.

Anyone else had experiance of dating site walters and did you oust them!????
Yea, I was talking to one she said she was blonde, 36-24-36. Then when we met she was like the back end of a bus.
******* hottie walt !!
I usually tell them I look like Jabba the Hut, massively obese and with bulging eyes, imagine their surprise when they turn up thinking I was just putting myself down and was infact a good looking chap with insecurity issues and are faced with a bald, sweaty, obese, bulgy eyed **** with flatulence.
I'm sure there are SOME genuine people out there but very few and far between. I find that people are different online than they are in person too. It's not always something they are aware of. It just happens.

By the way, I don't think I'd ever meet someone in person who I hadn't seen on cam first:S
Do you find people say "wake up and smell you" ?

Mark The Convict

Elton John, the Parachute Regiment, and 'I love it when someone special fingers me'. Good luck with that profile, Chris. I bet you're beating them off with a club.

Mark The Convict

Some degree of self-awareness there, at least. No stranger to ARRSE either, I suspect.


Yup and failing at walting judging by his wall posts. Ex 2 para, Faxlands vet, VC, GQM [sic] yet he wants us to prey for him. Guess all that bling doesn't get him laid then.
And he was seconded to the 2nd Bn Scots Guards and came back from the Falklands in his wheel chair, but managed to get well enough to feature in some SF photos that have been doing the rounds of the web for a few years.

Either a clever psuedo-walt faceache account or a seriously deranged person, though the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive
Hmmm. So lets get this right. He likes Kung fu or some other jap slapping martial arts bolox, Elton John, and wrestling...homo eroticism anyone? very strange young man.

As for the 'other' chap, well...

Mark The Convict

FB Falklands walt boy (min. 18 yo in 1982) would have to be at least 47. Bet he isn't, though.


Someone should point out that one of the pictures he claims to be him the bloke doesn't have a SAM.

I'm not convinced he's genuine, I suspect a long term ARRSE sleeper agent, similar to the hit men in the Bourne Identity who don't do anything till the receive a text message.

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