Internet Cafe at Sandhurst


I've just heard a vicous rumor that there is an internet cafe at Sandhurst?

Can this be true? Is Sandhurst approaching the 20th century?

If this is true does anybody know how many PC's there are?  Are they pentium's or 386's? Is anybody using them now?  And more importantly is there a big banner saying as you walk through the door?

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On visits to the ATFC and chatham the WRVS (or waterver they are called) provided internet access for the soliders in training so I don't know why they wouldn't at sandhust.


A viscous rumour?  I assume you mean vicious, otherwise all of your rumours could come to a sticky end.


Damn that spell checker, doesn't it know what I mean!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :-[ :-[ :-[

Don't upset me or I'll get all viscous with you.  Or will I just get thick.  ???

Ducth Brid
Yeah its true, there is also a multiplex cinema, bowling alley and the duty cadet gets a room with a hot tub. ;D


There is an internet cafe, I don't know many details about it because it wasn't there when I was at RMAS, but from friends who have commissioned in the last year or so it sounds OK.  I believe that some PC company provided the PCs in return for their brand name being plastered all over them.

So, in answer to the implied question: Yes, you will be able to email people about how much you're suffering at RMAS ;D, but just don't expect to get much time to do so during Term 1...  That said, the course has been revised in the last couple of years, and I gather that Term 1 is considerably more relaxed that it used to be.
(Incidentally, the cafe is in New College, where you spent Terms 2 & 3, so I don't know if during Term 1 you're actually allowed to use the internet cafe.  If you're that curious, phone the Officer Cadet Admissions Centre and ask them!)  
If it's anything like Junior Div, ARRSE will be banned  :-/


Yes, I think it's very unlikely that I'll be able to use it durring the first term.  So you'll have to live without me for the a couple of months.   :-*  But at least I know that I can keep track of my finances and communicate with the world.  



The cafe is one the bottom floor of new college. Go in through the entrance with 'E' over the door turn left and then take the second door on the left. Its not a cafe exactly (no refreshments etc) but it does have 10 or so Pcs that are connected.

I did here a rumor that somewhere in the college is a room with wireless networking that you can use your own pc in! Dont think its true but you never know.
Shocking, you young chaps should be outside playing properly. Might I suggest Hunting and Beagling in the season, cricket and rugby at all other times. Internet things are for sad old, fat old farts like me.


Rumour is true. In Old College there is an internet cafe in the main corridor and a new one down in the cellar next to the tv room that is wireless. You can sit in the tv room - or even the bar if it takes your fancy - and use your own computer if you so desire. Sounds great but not many know about it and rarely used.

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