Where are you when surfing ARRSE??

  • In the Office, trying to avoid being spotted by RSM/COS/CGS

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  • Surfing at a Wi-Fi hot spot, trying not to loose issue laptop

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  • In an Interactive Learning Centre, under the watchful eye of a civi boffin

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  • On an Op tour, making valuable use of your 20 minutes a day to tell it like it is

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  • At home, virtually blind after find good smut online

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  • In barracks, in one of these new projects with internet lines

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  • Other

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I myself have recently discovered the joys of having a) a working issue computer (I know, I am in a minority, let's not start that one), b) time on my hands and c) internet at desk, broadband no less.

How many others have this valuable assest in the RA?? Are we, like most people, tied to alternating between finding porn online, surfing ARRSE and looking at serious stuff to keep the misses from finding out, or are they other methods of getting this.

Vote as necessary, comments below.

Yes, I am bored :oops:

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