internet at blandford?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. just wondering if i take my laptop to phase 2, am i able to pick up wireless internet in the accomodation using one of them wireless dongle things, thanks a lot
  2. no chance m8t, blandford is the worst place for internet and mobile phones!!
  3. The entire camp is like a big bloody Faraday cage, built to ensure no comms get in or out. I reckon it's a big conspiracy just like in that TV programme Lost. Without polar bears.
  4. But with loads of weird things going on!
  5. there is a wrvs internet cafe there. and no big mean upgraders will bother you either because they arent allowed in.

    no wireless as far as i know.

    the guys above are right about the comms blackspot on the camp. you may find yourself in the middle of a field struggling to get one bar on your mobile.
  6. Eh, I might be down there next month.
  7. Anyone can use the cyber cafe.
    Vodafone gets a signal anywhere on camp
  8. my bad, last time i was there (march) was told outright that i wasnt allowed near the wrvs as this was a phase2 safehaven.

    iv had all sorts of sim cards. orange was only good just outside cairo and the phone box near king george,
    voda had a sweet spot near the birds block and sporadic everywhere else. o2 was dead everywhere. i found using an older phone boosted my signal by a couple of bars at least.
  10. is there not that room in the old school that u could use to access the internet.
  11. no mate but there is a new Internet Suite opened up there now.
  12. The only problem with the new internet suite is that you have to buy the vouchers for 'net access from WRVS or HIVE... if they're closed when you wanna get on the web, then you're fecked innit. Like I was on Thursday...

    Still, a good addition to the camp. People still whinge about Blandford, but at least it's got good facilities. Unlike chuffing 14 Sig Regt.
  13. As already said, there are T'interweb facilities available in the WRVS and the CyberCafe (it costs £1 for 30 minutes, purchased from the WRVS or the Hive which is next door to the shop).

    As for wireless, then it depends where you live, if there is someone near you who has a landline, with wireless modem/router, then you could ask them if you can use it (for a small fee, of course), and if they aren't very smart then you may even be able to steal their connection.
  14. There was talk at some time of having a wireless network installed though the camp but it was quickly disolved once it was pointed out that wireless access on a military camp let alone hq for comms was a bad idea and a security breach waiting to happen.

    Infact i am fairly sure it against MOD policy to have a wireless network on any mod property.
  15. thats strange as we have a wireless network here at javelin although all the singlies here say its pump