Internet and computers at barracks?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SOLSTICE, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Can you have your own pc and access to internet at your barracks, and how do you go about getting the internet?
  2. I saw a dvd where there was a double bed, plasma, internet connection and some kid had his DJ decks in his room. But im thinking it was RAF for some reason????
  3. Im sure theres a small chance this could be the case once your at your unit. Sure, i'll be corrected if otherwise.

    Syn :)
  4. Most ATRs have computers you can use i believe, not sure about taking your own though.
  5. In training...
    Phase One zero chance - wont have the time for those luxuries.
    Phase Two couple of lads had xbox's, PS 2's etc no laptops or PC's also naafi and the Women Voluntry place had those luxuries.

    Unit...We had single rooms (z-type) phone lines were limited only x amount per block but yeah many lads had PC's connected to the internet. One NCO had a 42" plasma on his wall :lol:

    Lads had to get permission from unit first, then sort out everything themselves, sort out installation with BT etc. Obviously it had to be paid by themselves also.
  6. You can bring/buy a laptop on your long weekend leave (week 6/7) of phase 1 and bring it back with you, as for internet no the only way is if you buy one of those mobile broadband USB's (pricey...) and im not even sure if personal internet connections are allowed in basic (i doubt) but we had laptops and were allowed to use them for the odd DVD, game or w4nk... (joke, you get caught with porn on it or your mobile, expect to get filled in :p )

    But as the bloke above explained to a certain degree... you wont have much time for it, unless you stay on camp at the free weekends.
  7. David... You get filled in for porn? in what crazy age do we live in? When i went thru basic back in '99 there were literally hundreds of splat mags round the place, thank god because thats all that kept most of us going until week 6!

    When I lived on camp (live off camp now) I had a 37inch TV, a set couple of decks a lazyboy chair and a PC in my room with a BT phone line for my internet connection. You will need to speak to the QM to get permission for the connection though and in some cases now rooms will come ready for a phone line.

    Also, for all those who are not yet serving and also have simular queries, your room is your own and you can have anything you like in there (except for the obvious like ashtrays because the blocks are 'non smoking'). I had a friend who had a set of samurai swords above his bed. It's advisable to buy a decent bed too because the issue metal framed ones are pants and the mattresses are pretty dire too. Think of your room as your room at home, you can change it (not decorate unless your willing to change it back afterwards, and get permission too) to how you want it as long as it's kept tidy and clean.
  8. Yeah we got thrashed for it on numerous occassions, not by our platoon staff because they knew we had it anyway, but it was the CSM who decided to go around all the platoons in our coy search our lockers, mattresses, pillows, laptops, mobiles etc.
  9. The platoon I was with during basic were reasonably relaxed about laptops and such like. You were allowed to bring them back with you after week 7 and if you had an internet dongle you were free to use it - assuming you could get a signal, like David2008 said, they're funny about the old porn though. Pirbright does have an internet suite in the WRVS which is £1 for 30 mins IIRC although the software they use means you're usually limited to browsing one window at a time.

    With phase 2 there is internet access again at the WRVS (Blandford anyways) or the option of sorting something out yourself on your PC/laptop/whatever...
  10. I have the 3 mobilebroadband dongle, they are good but like lastchance said, unless you get good signal on them it can be painfully slow and you cant even load up a google page, when they are fast i can play games online like call of duty 4 and stuff. Ive heard bad things about the ones 02 offers, and if your considering getting one on prepay (like me) stay the hell away from vodaphone!! they charge 5 per days access, whereas on 3 you pay 20 quid for 10 gigs of allowance and one month.
  11. Dunno why, once those pics of his missus got out he had no chance. :)
  12. :lol: