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Well, not entirely certain that this is the right place to post this, but what the hell, here goes!

Currently a civvy going into the army if all goes well, and I'm wondering about internet access on barracks. Is it something you can get in your room, or is it something you access from a NAAFI or whatever? I'm inquiring because I'm a complete Mac w*nk and I'd like to be able to use a macbook pro in spare time.

Yes, yes. I'm a great big fcuking geek! :D

Anyway, any answers that don't pertain to calling me a tw*t are welcome. :D
there are some other threads but i cant be arsed to trawl them

some camps have internet cafes.

some lads buy thier own connex and wirelessly share it.

others dont have any access at all.

alternatevly get a new shiney data card from voda or a usb modem from t mobile*, itll hurt your pocket a tad but hey youll be on popstar wages soon enough

hope this helps.

*not sure if this is mac compatable
You certainly wont be able to get it in your room at phase 1 and 2, there should be some terminals in the WRVS if you're lucky. However you'll be too busy to get any time in there, only the lazy useless mongs were ever down there when I did training. If, at your first unit you pay for a landline instalation you could probably get it in your room. Thats what im going to do at my next unit anyway! It depends entirely on the camp I think. I just came from a RAF camp and most of the blokes had internet in their rooms.
Aye, I expected as much in terms of phase one and two, and I certainly won't be focusing on any hobbies besides from fitness!

But yeah, hoping to join Scots DG, any idea if I'd get it in my room out there? Certainly don't mind paying for it outside of the normal board and utility fees.

Anyway, cheers folks, appreciate it! Now, to save up for that fecking macbook pro (Or I may as well get it if all goes well with the pongos! :D)

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