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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by MrSlyQ, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm interested in joining up and I've been to the careers office and have had a date booked for my BARB test but looking ahead this might be a stupid question but i've got friends and family living abroad and I was wondering what sort of internet access is there on british army bases both at home and abroad, is it simple dial up or is there broadband access, in accommodation or a internet cafe or computer room?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Most WRVS bunks have internet access of some sort or another, Im using the wireless link in one right now! Once you get to your unit, its likely you will be able to get a broadband connection in your accomodation there. I know that we can in Fally (Germany) Z- type.
  3. It varies from site to site. Mates of mine in the Z type single rooms seem to have no dramas getting internet links in; certainly not sure how this affects Phase 1/Phase 2 training establishments though. Then again, perhaps you could go 'old school' and learn to write them a letter instead.....?
  4. yup got sh1t type here in UK, you just need permission for a phone line and they never say no.
  5. Haha write them a letter, that a good one that is :D I'm, not bothered about phase 1 and 2 training because the focus there is Training if there is internet access I doubt I'll have any time to make use of it.
  6. If all goes wrong but your unit stays in the UK, try Vodafone or T- Mobile for their web access cards, plug into the side of your laptop. I have a T- Mobile one and its pretty good rates for UK usage. Just don't consider it abroad- International mobile charges per minute? Sod that!
  7. Internet access is getting better all the time - we even have wireless broadband in Afghanistan.
  8. In germany you can get Laptop type card type Flatrate Broadband 1.9Mb line for 50 Euro a mth, also depdending where you are 16Mb broadband for 30 Euro's flatrate.

    Easy to say were ripped off in UK

    * easy to get PCI slot to take the laptop card in the back of normal PC
  9. Each unit will have a Learning Centre, or remote terminal. You can log on free and send email or surf the net, as long as there are terminals free and there always are.
  10. Hi, im going to ATR Winchester in September '09 and was wondering if laptops are allowed to be taken, im not sure if they are. Please get back to me on this :) thankyou
  11. Don't.

    a. You wont have time or inclination to use it (you'll have plenty of other things to think about)

    b. You might get it nicked.

    c. They'll find your porn.
  12. At AFC We get 2 ports that work in our lines then theres Wireless in the WRVS and Nafi