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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 11D, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Is it planned to allow Troops to access JPA through the internet? If so does anybody know of any latest developments, timeframe etc?

    Would make life a hell of a lot easier. perhaps loggin in via ArmyNet first will provide extra security.
  2. Its in the pipeline alledgedly.

    Don't hold your breath.
  3. Not sure of the ins and outs of this security-wise, but surely it would have been cheaper to make it accessible to the internet from the start? Less terminals would need installing in the workplace, for a start.
  4. Are we going to get ANY terminals at work for the lads one day :roll:

    I think its on the same time-scale Bowman took to come in fully.
  5. Bowman in???
  6. You mean you'll still be Better Off With Map (to find terminal) And Nokia (to ring admin clerk in absence of said terminal)?
  7. Yes he's called an Archer :wink:

    Well its being used by commanders and will be in every vehicle by Christmas. (Didnt say what year though)

  8. Ah yes but that would mean less money for ATLAS / EDS / Whoever else is screwing the **** out of us.. for example - you can only use this big colour printer with this computer, complete with four toners which cost £250 each! mother *******
  9. JPA will not be available via the Internet. This came from Dir SPS earlier this month. Cost and Security.
  10. So he really means "Can't be bothered to look into it. Can't see what the problem is anyway, doesn't everyone have their own portable DII terminal like me?"
  11. You were obviusly listening to a differnet Dir SPS to me!! Internet access will happen - one day, trails will be happening by the end of next year - the issue is apparently the fact that JPA runs on the RLI - the powers that be are worried about hackers getting into "other" information - they are not as concerned about the personal info held on JPA.

  12. Mongoose,

    Have you looked into the other "consumables" the DII (F) printers need - I assume you've got the same as us - Xerox Phaser 7400?? Imaging Units that the toner cartridger sit in - £77 for the black one £114 for each colour, they last 30000 pages. Fuser Unit £117 - 100000 pages, Waste cartridges £14.50 (bargain!) - 30000 pages, transfer belt £139.00 - 100000 pages (all these prices are excl VAT!) All in all stationery budget may just cover running these printers - good job we don't need pens/pencils, etc!!!

  13. The Dir SPS I listened to said something to the effect of 'not in the next ten years'. Make of that what you will.