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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mongoose9, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Has any member of the TA been granted one of these? I have heard they are not for the TA (I also believe there are 4000 and ony 200 have been bid for). Any info would help.
  2. They are intended for personnel posted to remote locations without access to JPA through the defence intranet. Since the majority of TA Centres have access to JPA it would be extremely unlikely that one of these cards would be granted to a TA soldier.
  3. According to JPA there are 3000. I believe only the IC might get one, due to the amount of work he need to do on JPA.
  4. ...who can regularly attend his TA Centre.

    There are quite a few of us who can't get to a JPA terminal because we're speshul.

    Gordon will have to review the defence budget when I get a chance to input my backlog of claims.
  5. It would make the life of anyone who has to use JPA a lot easier, my biggest gripe about it is that they tend to bring the system down to work on it at weekends. They have to do it at sometime but it does make life a lot harder for the TA when the system isnt there during their office hours!
  6. The majority of TA centres may well have JPA access, but when you only have 2 hours a week (assuming that work and family life allow you to get in every week) to try and do a troops worth of SJARs, normal troop admin, lessons, writing exercise instructions, etc., access from outside the defence intranet could be quite beneficial.
  7. I believe they can only be used to put in expenses. Is there a good reason why they are being restricted. I can hardly see that it would make fraud any more likely (from what I hear it is rife in any event). If it is a security issue they should not have been issued in the first place.
  8. Although I am a Reg, I had one of these last year. They were put out to Admin staff as a trial, before going on a wider distribution, as has been said, for those with no JPA access. I tried it out and you had about 17 passwords with it plus the card (which did get me onto an Army camp when I had forgotten my MOD 90) and a card reader thingy which you often get for Internet Banking. Whilst I have quite a lot of JPA roles, it only gave me access to my Employee Self-Service stuff. Still, could apply for leave without going into work which had potential. Anyway, I had my access taken away last year some time due to them giving them to the people who really need them. Not sure whether TACs are covered in that but I think the longer term plan is to give everyone one, and possibly acess it through Army Net.
  9. I'm TA and mine turned up before christmas - haven't use it yet though.
  10. To go off topic slightly,

    Is there a civi number I can call to get a JPA password reset?

    As a STAB I havent been onto JPA for probably over a year, I still have my username but assume my password has expired. Would like to get on tonight when I go in to training but can I call from civi work now to get it reset or do I ave to be in front of a JPA terminal when I call?

  11. DCSA SPOC (single point of contact): 0870 600 8910

    Say JPA at the voice prompt.
  12. Or call JPAC directly on 01412 243600
  13. Thanks for that!
  14. Some of my team have them, due to working on a non DII site. They are only of use for expenses, personal details and Leave. Sadly they do not allow access to OJAR/SJAR - which would be of real benefit to TA Offrs with a pile of reports to write.

    Not sure why they don't allow SJAR when they do allow access to the Bank of JPA - bandwidth issues downloading reports ? Its slow enough on DII !
  15. What the fooook is JPA anyway :)