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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RTFM, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Evening =)

    Quick question, is there internet access available at Blandford, and what's the deal with it?

    Is there wireless in the blocks like the gurkhas have up at ITC? Or is it a case of joining a queue in the WRVS for 30mins access on a 56k?


  2. ISTR there is a net cafe near the mess
  3. Depends which block you're in - some of the lads on my T1 had it, some weren't allowed to get it in their blocks. Best of asking when you get there if you're allowed it or not (assuming you're a Sig/JNCO).

    If you're a SNCO, no idea.
  4. Well, i'm reallocating from the inf so i'll still be a Joe not PS or anything...

    I was just curious as i've been told various things by blokes that have transfered from the Sigs to ITC...

    And if the Gurkha Joes are getting wireless in there block surely we should get it as well :roll:
  5. If you pay for it you will - it's not paid for by the Army. Some of the blocks weren't allowed phone lines for some reason, most are. One of our lads' blocks had a whole network built by some Telemechs over three floors for gaming/sharing internet access.
  6. It seems to me that this could be a good little project that you could sink your teeth into especially as you'll just be joining the Royal Signals. What trade are you coming into?
  7. IS Eng ;)

    If the opportunity is there for me to sort out some sort of network and web access i'd jump at the chance. It wouldn't be the first time i've had to do it, this is just the first time it will be for my benefit, hehe.
  8. There you go then fella. Just a little thing to add to your yellow piece of paper at the end of each year!! Although your biggest hurdle will be getting BT to put Broadband into the block. Good luck anyway!
  9. ok basically you'll be in the 3 sqn blocks and i know of one that has phone lines in the room of the full screws bunks. some of them are willing to share their internet at a price. :cry: but the deal with the wrvs is that there is broadband not amazingly quick but it is better than nothing. when i was last there some sneaky beaky person changed there hub to a wireless one but that got figured. if u talk to ur seniors in the troop when u get there they may be able to help you out with your problem. i will tell you though if u have to get a phone line fitted to your room it costs. £125 coz i had it done at my unit. enjoy blandford mate its shit
  10. Welcome to the Corps! :D

    It all depends on weather your block has BT phone lines run in to it. Some blocks have it and some don't.... The ones that don't are all down to cost (ain't it always! :cry: ) to get them put in.... Thats a QM(A) thing and what with camps being maintained by civvy companies you can imagine the minefield of bullsh*t that has to be waded through to acheive it. 8O

    Why not ring the SQMS BAR and ask for a room with access (don't ask don't get), as your not a crow they might cut you some slack.... or you could ring your new troop (if you know it) and ask them a few questions.

    Will money be spent on something that won't be there in a few years time anyway? how long is a peice of string? :roll: :wink:
  11. Hmn, thanks for all the advice.

    Not sure I'm necky enough to ring and ask for a room with internet access as although i've been in 18months i'm officially still a recruit as I never passed out of ITC...

    I reckon i'll just have to hope I get in a block where the screws have access and are willing to share it, or examine the possibility of getting a line put into my room. I'm not fussed about the financial aspect of it as i'm a block rat and web access would be an absolute lifesaver...
  12. When I was there on my class 3 in one of the 3 Squadron blocks (they've now decided that there wasn't enough co-operation between trades so being a tech no longer guarentees decent accomodation) we set up a network for a while. In the corridor bunks there is occasionally a phone point so we got that activated and set up a wireless router in each of the rooms we wanted to broadcast it too. Had to get permission from the SQMS BAR to activate the line and when Squadron found out about it they weren't overly fussed. Basically if you can find someone with a phone point its a piece of cake, and also good seeing your trade. If not I think its still £1 an hour for "high Speed" weavers access
  13. I have a revolutionary answer for you....... don't bother!!

    Get your arrse out of the block and down to the bar - drink beer and talk to women.

    Internet is OK for skiving at work and maybe a bit of reading the news at the weekend, possibly a bit of proper research. Then leave it alone. Your new job will ensure maximum exposure to computers - do you really want to do it in your own time as well?

    If the answer to the above is yes - sad git!! No wonder the infantry didn't want you.

    You won't get a more honest answer than that.
  14. Not really wiffler me old chap. Having completed my class 1 a year ago i found the internet was a highly useful tool for research and to be honest i was looking at geeky websites pretty much every night for one project or another. Ok after that i mainly used it to download copiously large amounts of porn. (top tip, set the download then bugger off to the pub, when you get back it should have finished and you can throw yourself about to shiney new filth). Thats if your lucky enough to get a phone line in your room. If you're really lucky you'll get my old bunk with a phone line and a sky dish.

    If you cant get it in your room there's the WRVS where they have loads of machines for you to use but they tend to frown upon you downloading grot. Away from there there is a little known about internet suite in the old school. I'm not entirely sure who can use this but as your going to be a IS Geek and it's run by the IS Geek wing i'm sure you'll be allowed. That one is free but more controlled than the WRVS so porn is right out of the window there.
  15. There never was a guarantee. ANSON & BENBOW anyone? At least the new(ish) accm. has got windows in every room, with glass in them :wink:

    Don't become another whinger.