Internecine internal conflicts in the ME and world stability

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resasi, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. At the present time it would seem that the results of the various ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and political disagreements between the Gulf States and Quatar, are having very direct and serious impacts on a global scale.

    The surrounding countries are effected by the whole scale decamping of millions of refugees, the countries themselves are being reduced to rubble, their social services, never good at the best of times in now almost non existent.

    Medical disasters like typhoid are running completely out of control, starvation widespread, farming and industry grinding to a standstill, tensions between major powers are rising and whatever advances these countries once made have disappeared.

    Aid in vast quantities is being poured in as various donor/sponsor countries attempt to either help or try to support one side or the other. The cost in taxes to those aiding is rising exponentially in whatever capacity be that humanitarian aid or militarily.

    Other than the inherent aggression of the human species, what in particular might be the principle underlying cause of the present situation?
  2. Things and stuff.
  3. And now over to Carol for the weather.
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  4. In a nutshell that is it. Whereas we in Europe and the western world in general have now learned to talk rather than shoot, those in the crisis regions much prefer to bomb and shoot their way to a solution, and are at least 70+ years behind the drag curve. By the time that they learn there won't be anyone left to apply the lesson.
    Bad news follows.
  5. Or something else.;)
  6. The only ones sat there and watching are the Israeli's and all the protagonists and their very rich sponsers know if they have a go at the Israeli's then in the last resort they would need sun tan cream with and SPF in the range of millions. The Sampson Option.
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  7. Yes, but not always, it's different on Tuesday
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  8. Yup. If less people though he was a tool, the OP might get better answers to threads he started?
  9. Definately stuff, not sure sure about things....
  10. Let them crack on.

    It's just a shame they've been able to export the religion and culture to the civilised world.
  11. Aah yes...the ME equivalent of MAD. Right now they still seem in jawbone mode.
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    I blame whitey
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  14. In one.