international truck licence plates

Question for any spotters out there...

help required following RTA.....anybody know where a vehicle bearing this reg veh reg may come from...

CX 629 HA - rear plate, black num on yellow........

intial research suggests italy, but cannot locate pre-fix CX???

donation to arrse following correct lead!!!!
Dear goon_bde,

It's not a Wop number. My Italian brother-in-law (whose a bit of an anorak) and who lives in Calabria, has just faxed me all the Italian number-plate combinations since 1927 and there's no CX prefix among them.

It also can't be Froggy, since they use a different system.

The only approximation I can find is in Germany, where CUX designates Cuxhaven.

But maybe other ARRSErs will have more luck.

No. Not German - they're white with black letters. Possibly Northern Ireland?
Cheers bugsy

GCP are convinced that its italian...but i agree (from google) there is no CX prefix that i can find...

...i have seen another CX prefix (yesterday) but didn't get a look at the country of origin!!!

arrsers...keep 'em peeled!

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