International Tribunal For Hariris Killer Mooted

From Reuters.

BEIRUT: UN Legal Counsel Nicolas Michel discussed with top Lebanese officials yesterday ideas for the creation of an international court to try anyone charged with the killing of a former Lebanese prime minister.

"Hariri probe: UN lawyer mulls global court"
Web posted at: 1/28/2006 4:19:2

I'll venture a prediction: "anyone charged" = Current or recent Syrian government officials.
From Arutz Sheva.

A deal is pending between the US government and the Bashar al-Assad-led government of Syria:

1. The USA will allow Mr. al-Assad to remain in power.

2. The Syrian government will hand over its "senior officials" suspected of complicity in Mr. Hariri's murder.

3. The Syrian government will cease cooperation with persons Iraq involved in resistance to the American occupation.

4. The USA will refrain from seeking economic sanctions against Syria.

"Report: US Deal in the Works With Syria" 29 January 2006
The linked article proposes that US government interest in prosecution of Mr. Hariri's murderers might possibly be inspired by its potential for heightening political antagonisms in Lebanon.

Hizbullah, Lebanon's largest political party, allied with the other main Shiite group Amal and a collection of Leftists/Arabists are rejecting the U.S. embrace. This group's less than outraged response to allegations that Damascus was behind a string of attacks on anti-Syrian figures has created tremendous animosity toward Lebanon's large Shiite community, who are now known to number between 40 and 50 per cent of the population.

America's major Lebanese allies: the mostly Sunni entourage of the murdered former Prime Minister Hariri allied with Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, leftists funded by the Hariri camp and the remnants of Lebanon's Christian far right are spearheading the anti Syrian camp.


As Bush rhapsodised about the "Cedar Revolution's" victory over Syria, many Lebanese felt it absurd to talk of a struggle for Lebanon's sovereignty while cosying up to the invaders of Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the prime sponsors of Israel's invasion of Beirut and 25-year occupation of the South.

"Disarming Hizbullah, Destabilizing Damascus
"US Prods Lebanon Towards Civil War" by CLANCY CHASSAY 31 January 2006

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