International Relations

Evening all,

Heading off to uni next year and I've been looking at course for a while. I've found the one I'm most interested in is the International Relations course at places such as Reading and Manchester, particularly the War, Peace and International Relations variant at Reading.

I just wondered whether anyone in the relevant OTC's is currently studying, or has previously studied these courses and could tell me what they thought.

Any advice regarding the courses would be helpful,

I am currently studying Politics and International relations at Lancaster and after also studying History and Philosophy in my first year I found politcs to be very interesting and engaging! and in my opinion you cant beat a good drunken political debate! haha
For that subject York is top notch. And so is Aberystwth (if you can put up with the Welsh)
You could go for International History and Politics at Leeds: As the title suggests, it sort of bridges the gap between modern history and international relations - I knew several people who were doing it and they all agreed that the main tutor (Dr Owen Hartley) is a legend; although I think he's due to retire soon.

If you want to know whether the course is for you - not to mention get a head start - read about Realism and Neo-realism (especially stuff by Kenneth Waltz - he's the daddy of neo-realism) and Liberalism.
I teach such courses at a large US uni and have interacted with my counterparts at Kings and Hull and think they have first rate programs--no criticism of the others mentioned-I just do not know about them personally.
Quite a few of my contemporaries at ULOTC were on the War Studies course at Kings and highly recommended it. John Keegan was visiting Prof and taught regularly.
I did the budget option-War Studies & History at Uni of Wolves-was a decent enough course, field trips to Normandy, decent lecturers brought up from Kings College, we had Gary Sheffield give us a lecture on buying his book- I mean the British Army in WW1...
Many moons ago, I did International Politics and Strategic Studies at Aberystwyth. Absolutely cracking course. Yes, the Welshies can be a tad tedious but the countryside is stunning, the beer cheap, the OTC good fun and stocked with people going into the military post uni.

You can have extraordinary amounts of fun winding up Welsh nationalists, republicans, Trotskists, environmentalists and all the other 'ists on your own, of course, but it's just that much better when you know that at least a couple of others in the seminar are 'right wing fascist baby-murdering barstewards' who want to join the army, just like you! Especially if one of them is a half Welsh, half German Aryan bloke with a penchant for wearing black rollneck jumpers and declaring that Hitler was 'just a bit misunderstood'!
That was alot of fun, being known as the evil warmongers of the campus! Our main lecturer was known as Dr John 'Bomber' Buckley!
I did Int Relations at Keele - particularly good course there, with lots of opportunities to do an overseas attachement. At the time it sat within the catchment area for BUOTC and BURNU (did the latter). A really good course that sets you up nicely as it touches on a wide range of subjects - thoroughly recommended.

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