International Police Advisers - Worth the cash?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wooger, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. Whenever the British Army go to rebuild a country we trail along the International Police Advisors (IPA) to provide their “professional edge” 8O . From Kosovo and Bosnia, they are now in Iraq.

    Views about their effectiveness vary from “Great, could not ask for more dedicated bloke” to “ a useless waste of space with a grossly over inflated sense of their own worth” to “ They are washed up RUC Officers with the get up and go of an elderly slug, more a case of got up and gone”

    I used to think that when it came to whinging the British Squaddie had it all sown up and was the master. That was until I met the IPA, and they make us look like rank amateurs. Nothing is good enough for them. So let’s compare a IPA Mentor with a Brit Multiple Sgt and see who has grounds to whinge and who should just zip it!

    IPA 65,000 quid tax free
    Sgt 28,000 quid taxed to the hilt :(

    IPA. 8 weeks on, 3 weeks off (travel time via 5 star hotel in Kuwait not counted as leave)
    Sgt. 6 months with 2 weeks off if the RAF don’t F##k it up and cause you to lose time.

    Living conditions:
    IPA and Sgt get what their given, but for the IPA it is just not good enough! If they are in a crap area, they want more pay or moving, even if that would mean they cannot do their job as effectively. Don’t forget if the Sgt were to get Working in Unpleasant Conditions we would get an extra …. 2.50 a day! Taxed!!!

    Working hours:
    IPA, well if they do more than 4 hours graft (not including the gym) a day I'd go into shock.
    Sgt, if he does less that 12 hours I would be surprised, more like 14 hours.

    IPA, his own arrse, writing endless reports, occasionally engaging with the Iraqis. He does need to ensure he does not fall asleep whilst tanning or he may burn!
    Sgt. You name it, soldiers, vehicles, G1, G4, Weapons, Police mentoring, patrol planning, route planning (often to get the IPA to where they want to go), camp guards ….. need I go on!

    Travel arrangements:
    IPA, Level 5 armoured vehicle (100,000 quid a piece), always escorted by at least a multiple.
    Sgt. SNATCH – Good piece of kit, and the aircon upgrade has helped … a bit.

    The IPA as an organisation have an important role to play in the reconstruction of Iraq. However they need to realise they are exceptionally well paid to do their job, they are in theatre to provide advice and suggestions on how to run the police. They are not here to dictate operational effectiveness to the British Army and should not get a hump on when we do not consult them on operational matters.

    So I would be interested to know any good or bad experiences that people have had with the IPA
  2. Where do I apply?
  3. IPA officers do not earn 65k tax free. You are paid your standard salary in the UK and a local allowance of about 50 quid +accomodation (OK not bad but still no where near 65k tax free)

    IPA officers are present to lend their experience to the BA and local police in policing matters, if the army are in a polcing role then they should talk to the experts. They may learn something. No police officer would consider himself capable of planning an armoured charge, why should a soldier think that he is a capable of being a copper, the skill sets are different.

    Anyway wouldn't mind one of these tours myself, i i could just pass my bloody driving course first.

  4. In Basra the IPA working for Armour Group who do most of the IPA work do get the emount I stated!
    Agred there are a few CivPol who are still serving Officers, but funny enought these thend not to complain as much!!!
  5. Before we get too wrapped round the axle about money and perks, at least the IPA actually provide a measure of integrity to proceedings.

    If you want a truly appalling 'police advisory body', then we need look no further than the IPTF in the Balkans - if you were lucky, you got a UK bobby or (one of the very few) top notch US coppers (most were cowboys). All the rest were from parasitic 3rd world entities, just along to hoover up cash from the UN and promote corruption.

    IMHO. Allegedly. :D
  6. Yesss... My plod brother was out there, twice, it was like you say....allegedly :D
  7. I disagree. The African coppers we had in Kosovo were top. Night shift and lying on the floor of the Ops room and getting a straight 8. Good police work. If only more of our plod would act in a similar fashion; especially the two over-zelous coppers who were busy arresting a slightly woozy Idle man in the days before he was even a lazy subaltern. Years driving ban indeed.
  8. Alot of RUC did this, not so sure about 'washed up' (as mentioned above). Im damn certain id rather have an RUC (as it was) bod beside me if i was a soldier in that situation than a member of any other UK police force.
  9. Nice balanced impartial comment from MC here... :D
  10. What are you suggesting calypso, that i am not neutral and would support the RUC/PSNI over anyone else.... are you gerrys mate? :wink:
  11. I would definitely rather have the RUC around, especially if there were a drinking competition or Ulster fry eating contest involved. World leaders. :D
  12. Actually I find it hypocritical of this Government that they are using an apparently less than perfect Police Service in order to demonstrate good policing. After all doesn't BLiars mate Gerry still claim that the PSNI are not impartial, bigoted and incompetent? Doesn't the CRE and any other Labour quango you can possibly recall which has any input on Policing matters regularly slate the 'Bill' for Racisn (institutionalised etc) bad practice or a lack of competency?

    Is it really then a fair reflection of our blissfull society, under the guiding hand of the Dear Leader, to export such low performance standards to countries we have recently invaded in an effort to improve their Policing standards?
  13. Actually LWM the RUC GC doesnt exist anymore, they were in Kosovo - sadly it was felt by some cnuts the RUC shouldnt exist; those cnuts won. And if you can point me towards a braver set of individuals in any police force in the world id call you a liar and so would Interpol, "RUC the most dangerous police force to be in, ten times more so than the second most dangerous in Equador" - Interpol.

    The US has the same equivalent. However, they are paid quite well and 80% of the money earned is tax free. Plus, food, housing, etc is ALL paid for while your there. Not a bad gig, overall and in general.
  15. Frankly MC I am suprised you missed the sarcasm in my was more as stated in the opening sentence a 'dig' at the hypocrits in power.

    FYI my best friend is one of those RUC officers who worked in Kosovo (2000) and who assisted greatly in making a significant arrest. He has also recently finished BG duties back in the Province. :wink: