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I am having an issue with clients in and around the Middle East. They have a habit of going where they shouldnt despite advice to the contrary. I am trying to find a decent mobile phone tracking system. I have been searching for a couple of hours but cant seem to find anything that fits the bill. I will need to track a variety of different types of phone (so not all windows OS or iPhones etc) from all different countries ('Mericans, Canadians, Brits, Middle Easterners), all over the Middle East (although primarily Iraq, Jordan and the UAE). This is NOT being done in a covert fashion, all the clients will be told that their phones are to be tracked and they can opt out if they wish (although their MD wants it to happen as a safety measure).

At the moment, as far as I can tell the only viable solution is to bulk purchase one specific type of mobile, but that is not a tidy result.

Do the collective brain have any thoughts on the matter or specific experiences that they can share?

Many thanks

I reckon you need to speak to an expert. Try google, then phone around.
You can get gps tags now for tracking assets globally, vehicles or consignments. Globalstar sat phones do tracking to. Spot messenger would probably be the cheapest but the user has to press a button, and you know how difficult that can be, to get users to remember.
GD C4I in Pheonix have a software system that does this, works on WIN mobile, iPhone and Blackberry. It can be tailored to your needs.

RTN US also has a similar system.

UK MoD has bought a hardware/software soloution to do same, both of the above were contenders.
Just a thought but what is the REAL purpose: is it (a) to catch people going into OOB areas and slap their wrist afterwards for being a naughty boy, or (b) to go and fish them out if they get themselves into the poo?

If the former, fine. If the latter, it depends on client and cellphone remaining in the same place: a pretty shaky assumption frankly, and you could easily spend an awful lot of money on something that is entirely useless just when most required. Just a thought.

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