International Military Pay Comparability

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Proximo, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. Direct lift from ABN 14-05:

    So, it seems that are valued less than the French rabble of cheese-eating surrender monkeys, but are paid better than a load of (frankly) second rate conscript organisations.

    Note that it is only when the 'extra' bonuses, like LSSA and LOA are taken into account, that we maintain parity. Without them, we actually place much further down the list. The bluff comment that we are all on operations constantly (hence the 'X' factor) simply doesn't wash in this instance. Our base pay is woefully low (given our commitments) and anticipated reductions in LOA, coupled to increases in F&A charges and tax, can only mean that our people will become increasingly disadvantaged over time.

    Perhaps we should push for politicans to have their pay linked to number of hours spent in the House - I suspect that manmy of them would fall below the breadline* in pretty short order.

    *i.e. the sum of money required to run a fleet of Jags and live in a variety of 'grace and favour' homes.
  2. I've just been castigated by phone for not pointing out the following:

    From the 34th AFPRB Report 2005:

    Bloody information superhighway....