International Military Mental Health Conference

Sluice_dweller said:
Nice one, thanks for that link, will keep my eyes peeled for more info nearer the time! Is it going to be combined with the Tri Service Military Mental Health Confrence or will that be a seperate event?

Good point. The International Conference and the Tri-Service Psych Bash are combined this year.
Quick update-

The bad (or good depending on your point of view) news is that Sandhurst has fallen through. The smart money is on good old stalwart Fort Blockhouse again. Back to Emmas, the South's top night spot!
ViroBono said:
I'm supposedly on the mailing list, but hadn't heard this. Oh well, MOD will almost certainly refuse the funding anyway.
Word is that Fort Blockhouse is a cert. Probably just as well they hadn't sent out the stuff for Sandhurst yet.

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