International military festival "Kremlin Reveille"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. And your point is? My vodka quaffing friend!!
  2. It is a pointless thread. Just a place to discuss how important is music, marches in the military. Btw, brother of my wife if a retired oficer and a military musician. He graduated at militay faculty of Moscow Conservatory and served 2 years in Afghanistan.

  3. Good photos Sergey - I thought for a minute the GRU had pinched the moulds for us Sweaty Socks and copied them :D

    Saw the Red Army ensemble a couple of years ago and when I topped up with vodka I really got into the swing of the evening. Top notch Russian totty as well :twisted:
  4. Btw, what is a coverage of the festival on British TV, radio, newspapers? The Scots from around the Worlds are the gem of "Kremlin Reveille".
  5. No idea from where I am Sergey as I have been away globetrotting (minus my luggage courtesy Lufthansa - German efficiency my arrse!) and only got back yesterday pm.
  6. very much like the Edinburgh Military tattoo, I am not aware of something similar in England, perhaps its time we did, maybe at Windsor Castle or similar prestigous location.
  7. Impressive venue Serge. Will this become an annual event rather like the Edinburgh tattoo? were the public allowed to attend?
  8. [​IMG]

    Is this the RLC modelling Combat 2010?
  9. The main show took place on the Red square and there were only some thousands of places for public. All tickeds were sold. Other days participants marched on the streets of Moscow.
  10. This has all the potential of being a bl00dy good day out for arrsers - on the p1ss in Mockba!
  11. Were these folk present sergey?

    pipers in moscow.

    I know it's a late reply but I've been away!!

    You may also notice that the full screw at 5 min 50 has lost the medal part off his LS & GC ........Only the ribbon on there.........Some urchin has that as a souvenir of the jocks visit..
  12. What's this I see afore me?! Our Eastie-Eastie Beasties doing a Tatoo, force normalising, bootin putin and piping while aw aboot it?


    When do the Tuplov's stop spoofing and start landing for swaps of Vodka for Refuels... that's what I want tae ken!!

    Buy Iraqi, not Irani and everything might come out smelling sandy after all.

  13. I know this place. It's about 6 miles from my house in Moscow. A woman that announced the show is a presenter on TV-3 (Moscow channel). She said: "Highlanders, 4th battalion".

    There was a big show on the Red square and other smaller shows in the different parts of Moscow.

    From my point of view, Scotish bagpipers were very impressive, they were the gem of the festival.
  14. What an excellent idea!