International Log Dropping

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dorkblatt, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Anybody remember an incident where a certain Taff allegedly dropped a log (brown) onto the bonnet of a BMW out of the back of a 4 tonner at the traffic lights?

    I know he got at least 28 days for it, rumour had it that it was the dep Provost Marshal's bint in a German Reg car

    Any more log drop stories?
  2. I heard it first hand from a mate, but he wasn't a Taff.
  3. I remember him quite distinctly being a Taff - slightly tanned skin, portly with a sanchez moustache - allegedly nails - busted more times than Krops Casino urinals

    DEFINATELY a Taffy boyo

    4 Div in the 80s
  4. Maybe it happened twice ;)
  5. Perhaps, however I wondered if anyone would remember the event I recall, the BMW was white, the bird had blonde hair and Taffy boy was in the stores truck on the way back from exercise. Not usual as he usually commanded a Panzer. It made oi laarf at the time though.

  6. I was in the Foreign Legion in the eighties and whilst biding time on way out I stayed at the main depot in Aubagne near Marseilles (I was specialised infantry / Mountains and Artic). A certain member of our little band from 2 Para (B** S****r) went up to the infirmary and shat in the white Kepi of someone who was due in front of the colonel the next morning. He was a whinger and member of the band and a Brit {we all hated the band}. he carefully cleaned said Kepi and put it out to dry in the hot Mediterranean sun and left it to dry prior to his star performance. The next morning his face was apparently a sight to behold, a white Kepi with a hint of camouflage, I heard he got thirty days down in the nick at the gatehouse of 1 RE.

    Ahhhh, those were the days.