Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The arrogance of this defies belief.

    Nice to see that the US now sees itself as being above international law. Remember the all of their bleating when the first US PWs in the Gulf were shown on TV, and the US saying how disgusting it was that Iraq was not complying with the Geneva Convention? To paraphrase George Orwell..." all men are equal, but some are more equal that others..."
  2. Hey all.......
    As this is my first post on this board, I figured I'd just start right in...hope you all don't mind too much?

    Saw your post concerning our arrogance, and just couldn't resist. True we are an arrogant lot, and we generally play by the rules in most cases. In this instance, the gloves are off and with good reason. Certainly you can see the logic behind our stance on this?

    I could understand the uproar over this if the terrorists were playing by the rules when they attacked us all these years, but they don't.

    Why should we have our hands tied behind our backs in this? Theirs aren't.

    Just curious....
    Semper Fi
    The Gunny

  3. Did you feel the same when we were being attacked by those from the emerald isle?
  4. Surely not.....'the gunny'? 8O
  5. Dear God!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There can be only ONE of them!!!!!!!
  6. Nar! There's only one Gunny !! Unless you’re on, then I'm "not allowed to impersonate a fictional character from a movie". Tossers
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    No I cannot see your logic at all. International conventions concerning the treatment of prisoners are there for a reason. They protect all of us. If you abuse prisoners then you can expect the same to happen to you when your people are taken. We invaded Iraq to remove an oppressive regime that arrested without trial, and used torture with impunity. If you were living in Iraq right now you might be tempted to observe that the US is doing exactly the same thing. You might also question the huge number of civilians unnecessarily killed by trigger happy soldiers who were brainwashed into thinking that Iraqis are lower than dogs.

    Out of interest in the early 1970s the British Army used a number of 'robust' interrogation techniques against IRA detainees (that would be the terrorist group that was predominently funded and armed at the time from the US by the way) but it was found that (a) it did not produce a great deal of useful information, and (b) served only to harden support for the extremists.

    You may try to justify the use of excessive force, and the flagrant disregard for international behaviour by 'the gloves are off approach' but sadly having seen Iarq go from from victory to staring into the jaws of strategic defeat I think that history will be against you. You reap what you sow.
  8. TheGunny, I can understand your viewpoint and why you feel this action is justified.

    Please re read chimera's last post. It is what is called learning from history. Old saying goes something like "those who forget the past are condemned to re-enact it".

    Just clarify for us, thegunny, were does it say in the Geneva Convention that it's ok to torture suspected terrorists?

    Remember the Arabic saying 'an eye for an eye'?

    The US of all nations should be fully aware of not playing the hearts and minds game. SE Asia clearly taught them the square root of fcuk all.

    Good luck and one hopes that none of this attitude is responsible for the death of a British or any other nation’s soldiers.

    The more this escalates, the more I see that the USSR and communist China appeared almost liberal in the way it indoctrinates its population compared to the USA.

    God fcuking Bless America.
  9. I can see that this is a subject that's got your blood boiling..... First off, that particular article related to the detainee's in Gitmo and not those in Iraq. When those memorandums were written, we hadn't even gone back into Iraq yet. And to the best of my knowledge and information that has been released, the abuse that occurred in Iraq, was not authorized in any way shape or form officially. Those that did instigate it and approve or allowed it to occur are being dealt with. It was not our policy to treat prisoners in that manner. Those documents were intended to ensure that CIA operatives operating in Afganistan against the Taliban, would be not held to the international standard or to have their hands tied behind their backs in getting the job done.

    You have to keep things in proper context, I mean, don't connect all the dots in such a manner that suits your particular line of thought. Thats what journalist do, right?

    And yeah, I'm The Gunny from Thanks for the welcome!!
    Semper Fi
    The Gunny
  10. Even if the report was published when you said, most of my points still stand.

    The method that the US is still continuing to operate will ensure this situation lasts for years.

    Top tip, change your foreign policy. In fact, get a foreign policy.
  11. Are you taking the píss? Try the majority of last century with terrorists attacking 'us'.
  12. Would calling it a self inflicted wound be a bit over the top concerning the US's situation?

  13. Unfortunatly, no. :(
  14. I seem to recall that for a short while we did something similar called "internment" to the murdering b*stards from over the water (that's Ulster, as I doubt whether your geography lessons included anything outside of the deep south).

    Funnily enough, it was the US who was the most vocal against it, bleating about human rights, lack of due process, accusing us of running a "Gestapo" type police force, etc, etc, etc.

    Well, I can think of 3700 people over the last 30 years that were murdered by scum that definitely weren't playing by the rules and were, in no small way, funded by citizens of the US of A.

    So what’s the score gunny fcukwit? It's OK for the US to do it when they feel threatened but in the same hand, it's not OK for anyone else to do it when it's happening to another country? (especially when it affects the votes of the American "Irish" who are actually about as Irish as General de Gaul)

    Read back and begin to understand why a lot of people think that you and your kind are hypocritical tw*ts.

    Funnily enough, the last time I bought this up on military.waffenss, you lot banned me, wonder if it will happen this time?
  15. So were already blaming the frigging new guy for things that occurred on other sites that the FNG wasn't even a member of? I'm not even a member of Never have been, never planned to be. I am only on two boards, this one and gijargon. I was told that I would be welcomed in here? Was that not true?

    It may or may not surprise you, that I tend to agree with most of what you lot say. I totally understand the bit about our foreign policies. The impact on you and your nation is felt just about everytime we either initiate or act on our foreign policies. Wish it were different, but that won't make it so. Also wish I had the authority to modify our nations foreign policies, but I don't. Holler, scream and shout me down about our nations forgeign policies, but holding me personally accountable for them is pretty assinine.

    It would certainly suit me to no end, were my nation to develop an effective foreign policy that didn't have such negative impact on our old friends and still work. Tell me how to change things to suit you and I'll tell the President, next time I'm in the oval office.

    Holding me personally accountable for the actions of individuals within my nation in their support of the IRA makes no sense. I have always been on the Brits side in that regards. Hell, I was born in Liverpool, why the feck would I side with a friggin bunch of irish terrorists?

    I only mention the liverpool bit, to give you lot something to actually hold against me......cuz its true.

    Granted, your nation has been dealing with terrorist much longer than ours. Never intended for my comment to be taken as one who didn't recognize that fact.