International Criminal Court issues warrant for the arrest of Gadaffi + staff

40 yrs too late to be honest,,,,Clinton could have got him but missed.
Is this a way of applying further diplomatic pressure on Gadaffi, or is it actually a backhanded way of strengthening his determination and entrenching him deeper into the country, with the objective of making him outlast Europe's creaky and shaky willpower? He'll be less likely to call uncle and go to his retirement pad in Venezuela if he fears that Interpol is waiting for him at the bottom of the plane's steps.

Alternatively, could this be construed as the internationally-polite nod to invade Libya now, under the pretext of executing the warrant and arresting Gadaffi?
Very comical. Just as al-Assad clan goes ballistic again and after Qaddafi being our best oily chum for half a decade the former A.Q.Kahn customer/sponsor of europe's terrorist groups and butcher of Benghazi's 90s Islamist rising he suddenly pops up on the ICC's bond villain gaydar.

Obviously this solemn institution is simply impelled by the sacred texts of international law rather than being simply a vehicle for the grubby politicking of great states.

Anyway I thought the plan was to drop a humanitarian Paveway III on him while he was on the "command center" portaloo and then say whoops to the UN lawyers. If that does not work or the dismembered collateral damage gets too embarrassing I'd set to bribing the old bugger into a comfortable, tottie filled retirement rather than getting his gander up with pointless writs.

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