International Court of Justice clears Serbia of genocide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kneza_Milosa_29, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Was just being announced.

    Court clears Serbia of genocide


    If you are wanting full informations from ICJ you are finding them here.

    Summary and full judgement
  2. Well that's my faith in the ICJ restored.

  3. Fair enough really, seeing as the Septics weren't in there for the Vietnam war, the Brits weren't in there for needlessly flattening Dresden and mowing Paddies down in Derry without a good reason in 1972, the French in there for Algeria, et al. Who are they kidding?
    This is victor's justice going way out of control. Sure, Milosevic was a bad egg who caused a lot of trouble, but does that justify tarring Serbia with Genocide?
    Who's responsible for wasting all these Iraqis lately then?
  4. Democracy numb nuts! its spelt differently from genocide
  5. I do not dispute that individual war crimes were carried out in either Vietnam or Algeria. I do however take exception to the phrase You used in relation to the Bloody Sunday incident.

    I advert You to the excellent book by Liam Clarke - 'McGuinness, From Guns to Government' and the PIRA involvement he and Catherine Johnston uncovered - ISBN 978-1840187250 if You wish to order it.

    You could however just go to the BBCs Bloody Sunday Inquiry and look through the evidence. I choose four telling articles

    IRA man Paddy Ward saw detonators for bombs

    William Harley knew Gunman

    Republican movement member saw IRA arms

    Man shot in face saw youth with nail bomb

    I have deliberately left out the evidence given by British Soldiers but still have many statements including Official IRA figures who admitted firing shots in retaliation and who may well have exacerbated the situation
  6. It was the work of factions who weren't actively stopped from doing their stuff, rather than a concerted effort by the entire nation.

    Unless they were also going to indict Sudan, Croatia, Indonesia, Burma, the Phillipines, Mexico, Vietnam, most of South America etc., ad nauseam, this seems a fair result. Now the international community should concentrate on getting the individual guilty parties into the Hague.
  7. Yes I agree.

    Wasn't one of the para militaries that murdered the men and boys at Screbrenica and filmed doing it bubbled by his own?