International Committee of the Red Cross: military and technical adviser

Purpose of the post

The Arms Unit of the ICRC’s Legal Division serves the ICRC objectives in the legal, operational and communications fields by the provision of expertise and analysis, from a humanitarian perspective, on arms and weapons-related technology employed in armed conflict and other situations of violence. The unit represents ICRC policy and positions in multilateral fora on arms and international humanitarian law. It also supports ICRC operational, legal and communications work by providing or coordinating the provision of technical, legal, medical/health and policy analysis on weapons used in armed conflicts and other situations of violence and on relevant scientific advances.

The Military and Technical Adviser plays a key role in the achievement of institutional objectives in the field of arms and international humanitarian law. The incumbent contributes military and technical expertise to the ICRC’s policy, legal and operational responses to arms issues arising from ICRC field experience and new scientific and technological developments. The incumbent will also have primary responsibility for at least one major file of the Arms Unit. The post reports to the Head of the Arms Unit in the Legal Division of the ICRC.

Main responsibilities

  • Contribute military and technical analysis on a range of arms issues being addressed by the Arms Unit (e.g. use of explosive weapons in populated areas; cluster munitions; anti-personnel and
  • anti-vehicle mines; incendiary weapons; operationalization of the Protocol on Explosive Remnants of War; remote-controlled, automated and autonomous weapons) and on issues pertaining to the conduct of hostilities carried out within the Legal Division.
  • Contribute to legal and operational analysis of issues arising from the deployment of specific weapons with armed forces in armed conflict and other situations of violence including peacekeeping and law enforcement. Provide military and technical analysis to ICRC units and delegations in response to the use of specific weapons and methods of warfare in armed conflicts and law enforcement situations
  • Maintain and develop links between the ICRC’s arms unit and relevant military and technical experts and organizations
  • Develop “fact sheets” presenting the military role, technical details and anticipated humanitarian impacts of a range of explosive weapons
  • Provide additional capacity for research, writing, representation and outreach to internal and external audiences on arms issues
  • Represent ICRC views and positions in a variety of external fora
  • In the field of new and novel weapons:
    • Analyse military and technical aspects of new and emerging weapons technologies with a view to integrating such analysis into institutional positions and proposals
    • Develop “fact sheets” presenting the military role, technical information and anticipated humanitarian impacts of specific new and novel weapons
  • Provide guidance to the Arms Unit and Legal Division in response to the use or alleged use of new or unconventional weapons
  • Provide expertise on means of identification for medical transports in accordance with the relevant provision of international humanitarian law
  • Serve as the institutional focal point for the International Telecommunications Union

Training and experience required

  • Advanced military training and service with in-depth knowledge of targeting procedures and explosive munitions. Good knowledge of arms control regimes is an advantage
  • A degree in the physical sciences (e.g. physics, engineering) and/or military disciplines
  • Knowledge of the general rules of international humanitarian law, in particular in relation to the conduct of hostilities. Specialized training in international humanitarian law and/or international relations is an asset
  • Professional experience working in multilateral processes, preferably in the arms field is an advantage
  • Field experience with the ICRC or another humanitarian organization is an asset

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent analytical and political judgement
  • Excellent oral and written English, the capacity to work in French. Additional languages are an advantage
  • Good communication skills
  • Openness to dialogue and good interpersonal skills
  • Strong motivation and aptitude for work within a highly integrated team

Starting date: 1 September 2013

Deadline: 16 August 2013

To see the original and apply on line, go here: Profession: military and technical adviser - ICRC

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