International aid over summer

Discussion in 'OTC' started by eddzzz, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. I was wondering if there was an option, within the OTC, to help out with any aid work abroad, be that humanitarian or development type aid. I was wondering as there are a few of us who would really enjoy doing this a month or so over summer when we would otherwise be doing nothing. I will ask at the unit on Wednesday, but I thought it would be good to post on here first and see what people thought/ to give some advise. Cheers,

  2. If you mean, to hang out with the rest of the Army and do this sort of stuff, the short answer is no.

    However, you can organise something within your unit (just like anyone else), though you may have left it a little late. Carrying out this type of activity under the guise of the British Army/OTC can have some serious unintended consequences, so you will need a number of permissions to do so, (even if your funding yourselves) and that can take some time.

    You may be able to attach yourself to another OTC, if they have something similar on the go, but given the current financial situation this may be a long shot.
  3. Cheers for your reply Chavalryman. Its just that I remember some OCdts who went abroad and helped build houses. I just have no idea how they organised it. Even if I don't do it this summer, next summer is also a possibility. I'll have a more indepth look into it tomorrow.
  4. I seem to remember some OCdts being sent to Kenya to do this a few moons ago so it does happen, although I think that was more of an ex-officer now involved in a charity (he mentioned something about "giving street boys a going over" in his talk to much amusement) requesting some volunteers as opposed to an organised military event.

  5. Thats right, I believe the OCdts involved were from ULOTC and that this activity was carried out through a charity. Not through the Army per se.

    As Kenya is a relatively benign country (for Africa), notwithsatnding our military presence there plus the involvement of this ex-officer, the permission to let a couple students dig wells/build houses was probably relatively easy to achieve.

    As mentioned before, in other less benign countries any involvement no matter how well intentioned can have some serious unintended consequences.