Internally transferring within AR


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In the tone of Sir David Attenborough.

"What we have here is... a perfect specimen of that quite common creature, the Internet Hard man.
It is usually found..... in its bedsit, in ....,piss stained underwear, surrounded by pizza boxes and bottles of cheap , Tesco own brand cola.
As you can imagine, up close its smell is.... Unique.. A blend of tears, shame, smegma... and old socks... "

Fixed for how Sir/Saint David of Attenborough would speak.

I think.
@Shockwave do you think this thread is going as intended?

ETA: Oh, and in answer to your question yes, you can. I transferred from the R Signals to the Devon and Dorsets.

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It is actually.

Ok, I genuinely am sorry guys. Rip the piss if you wish but that was loss of control.
You are a total bellend.


(and for the hard of irony that's mongspeak)

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