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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Draft Dodger, May 2, 2012.

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  1. anyone know any good search engines for internal US flights?

    I'm going to a wedding in Albuqurque in September and want to stop off in Houston for a wkend on the piss with a mate who lives in Houston on the way back. As one way flights are completely extortionate and i cant seem to get flights that'll let me stop over there i think my best bet is to fly in and out of Houston and get an internal flight from there to Albuqurque.

    [and breathe] so does anyone have any good suggestions for searching internal US flights (whoever's about to say google **** off)? or am i better going direct to the carriers?
  2. TheIronDuke

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  3. Or use the multi-city option on the normal air travel websites (expedia and so on). They'll show you prices for using flights on a single airline or alliance.

  4. Several years ago when my son was at uni in Sante Fe I did a lot of looking for flights to NM. Two airlines to check are Southwest and Frontier. Houston has three airports, Houston-George Bush (big one), Houston-Hobby and Houston (? something else). Maybe check those airlines.

    (note- when is New Mexico on many dishes (even breakfast) the waitress will ask (red, green or christmas tree) SHe is asking preference for chile sauce, reg, green or both. Unless your mouth has a stainless steel lining and your stomach is made of neoprene, ask for the sauce on the side. Both red and green can get pretty hot. Great food in NM though once you get the hang of it. Different from Tex-Mex food.)

    Also, do not let southern latitude mislead you. Weather is variable there. I know in Sante Fe it sometimes snows in September. but Sante Fe is about 2000 feet higher than Albuquerque which is over a mile high, higher than Denver.

    Beautiful high desert landscape, have fun and enjoy the US.
  5. blue-sophist

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  6. Orbitz has a pricematch scheme where, if they subsequently sell a seat for less than you paid for it, they automatically mail you the difference (and I can assure you that it does happen). Can't be sure that it works that way for non US residents but worth checking. Should note though that US internal flights are much more expensive than you imagine they would be.
  7. Always fly BMI no selfrespecting suicide bomber would end their life in such a squalid aircraft.
  8. That's what these so called budget airlines are like and so they don't get my business. If you want to be surrounded by a load of Chav creatures it'd be great. They don't work out that cheap when you've finished paying the plane oxygen charge or the fee to take a piss.
  9. Always read reviews on 'airline quality' first, google it. I'd rather fly less but have good business class flights with nice food, good wine and not have to pay for headset rental.
    Qatar are still the top airline and any chance I get I'd use them or emirates.
  10. It does not help for New Mexico but inside the US Jet Blue is often cheaper and has comfortable seats, nice cabin staff and seatback TV screens with lots of channels. My usual way to Florida from Boston. Also used them from Boston to California. No problems ever except once had to wait a bit when changing planes in Denver due to a tornado.

    (funny thing, in Denver the tornado shelters are the men's/ladies rooms. I was traveling with the former wife to see son and we both huddled in the ladies room until the storm was past)

    edited to add, I am 6'2" and Jet Blue legroom is fine with me.
  11. thanks for the advice guys. i dont mind roughing it but petty budget airline bullshit sends me into a rage (i'd rather get the train from Glasgow to London rather than fly Ryanair) so i'll bear what your saying in mind.