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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by changing, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Hello all, im not even sure if im in the correct forrum as this is my first time doing this and im looking for some advice. Im currently serving in Royal Engineers, would like to transfer to Royal Military Police.
    Iv been in RE for nearly 4 years now and basically because i was a joiner on civvy street for 6 year, I was offered a 'golden hello' by the recuitment
    office of £2500 if i continued by trade in Engineers. I agreed and was then fastracked through my trade training etc. Because of the money and debt at the time i jumped at the chance and went ahead. 3 year down line and im now feeling that i want to learn something new and need a new challenge.
    So before any body jumps on me back....i am a Proud Sapper and regret nothing, however i would like to complete 12 year with army then hopefully join the Police, im purely thinking about my future as well as my familes as i dont fancy going back on a building site, i need securety...dont we all?
    I have already spoken to my troopy about this and i think hes going to make this hard for me.
    So if anybody could help please?

    1. Is there vacancies for RMP at mo?
    2.Do you have more of a choice on postings, or is it chin up your going? like the rest!
    3. Do RMP do any infantry excersises, play soldiers etc or is it all job related?
    4. Could it take long to transfer or can this be a smooth process?
    5.Do RMP deploy regularly and taken my wife and kids into concideration can being an RM Policeman be abit more stressful in terms of overseas postings i.e Canada or even more rewarding? (i realise a canadian posting is probably also like gold dust to lol)?
    6. Can anybody offer any honest real down falls to being in RMP?
    The Engineers has alot of bullshit and il be kidding myself if i think any other Corps is different. However the RMP is the path i want to take and will do all i can to make it. I have C's in both maths and English, although i am a little rusty etc. I also im of a good fitness level. If any body could offer me any advice on any of the above or just in general about transfering and the RMP then I will thank you in advance for your time and comments..........cheers.
  2. oh ffs! not another one
    That's 2 in 2 days can we expect another monkey thread tomorrow?
  3. you know whats worse.......being as green as u two......cant u see i thinking of civvy strert
  4. I don't think there's many RMP's in civvy street, have you cosidered a career in joinery
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  5. RMP would put you in a good way to join civy police, Not anymore it will not!
    Police are cutting back more than the military at the moment.
    Best way in to civy police is to become a special and get in that way.
    You could just do 22 years get a good pension & think yourself lucky you still have a job!!!
  6. fattwat read it properly i wanna job in civvy street in police etc rmp has alot to offer.......
    and i couldnt give a **** what anybody thinks anyway....
    building trade is bad around my end.
    kybosh...... is it my fault the government are idiots n lads are getting layed most of my muckas are all but none volanteering for it. i posted for help n not get ripped by jobsworth that clearly have to life
  7. fairone mate...i am lucky to have a job.....however whats wrong with getting something else out of yge army? as up to now i have learned nothing new
  8. Appart from the obvious one of everyone thinking your a ****. In all honesty, you are just as likely to get a job with plod as a wedgy, than you would as RMP, plus you will have the benefit of having a decent trade behind you to fall back on. If I were you, I would stay put and find a trade within the Engineers that you will enjoy
  9. what has the RMP got to offer apart from the chance to bust a few drunken squddies on a Friday night?
    You might aswell become an RP, less training therefore more time in the job, you don't work weekends, more time with the family also the level of thought required to do the job is less so that should help you.
  10. cheers drain sniffer.... need the change though
  11. fattwat.....i may look into that although i aint got a clue about it at mo. ok i accept rmp are not liked. i just need advice on it. it is my career after all...thanks
  12. and the grass isnt green at all in the engineers