Internal Security in Iraq

Having had a slight hiccup in my calendar I, today, in true academic style, had a rather nasty request for a paper dropped on me for next Monday on the somewhat complex and long reaching subject above.

With there being little analysis yet written, as it is an ongoing process, nor there being much from official MOD sources that I can use due to it being from restricted locations. I thought I would then try to approach it from a different angle looking at three of the main players, well four if you count the insurgents, the British, US and Iraqi forces.

What I was hoping the ARRSE community could provide was their experiences of internal security in Iraq in reference to these three elements, especially the Iraqi and British forces. Something I'd also hoped to gain was a viewpoint from each level of the spectrum, so the Pte/Tpr etc level, NCO/SNCO and Officer experiences. As my theory, which I hope is correct, is that with the different taskings and information provided at each level there should lay different outlooks. If you're not willing to say what level your outlook is coming from publicly please do PM me, or not, just hearing the viewpoint is enough. Anything more is a bonus

I know this is asking a lot and the usual fears of "journo" or clueless civvie will be raised. However if my credentials need checking a number of MOD's here know who I am and what my involvement with the forces are specifically Darth, BCO, Scary and a few respected members such as Abacus should be able to provide some supporting info.

Finally I'd like to thank, in advance, anyone who helps in this.

I am more than happy to vouch for Ant. He helped me loads with histroical military research earlier this year so hopefully loads of you will be able to help him with his research here.

Plain speak version if it makes it easier to get your head round what he's after:

Anyone been to the sandpit? Tell antphilip what it was like for you.....
Thank you very much to those who have already contributed, there's been some wonderful information that adds a dimension that otherwise wouldn't have been told.

If anyone else would like to contribute then feel free to PM me more information can only add to the party, never detract.

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