Internal passports,here we come!.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

  2. msr

    msr LE

    From that bastion of level headed reporting?
  3. I'm so glad they provided a picture of a large boat to confirm what the story was about.
  4. so basically, they are making ID cards compulsory against a manifesto pledge. The only means to using the ferries, without requireing to have the ID card, is the drivers licence. so anyone under 17 or other non drivers will be required to have the ID card.

    If it is not as a means of forcing people to have ID cards, whyy waste all this money on all these intusions into privacy.
  5. there was an iow ferry in the foreground!
  6. Not even news! Last year I was asked for identity when checking-in for a flight from Inverness (Dalcross) to London (Gatwick). Having flown by the same airline from Gatwick to Inverness a week earlier, I was somewhat non-plussed.

    The lady behind the desk said: 'I would always like to know who I was flying with', but she was unable to explain HOW she would know who she was flying with.

    Eventually, my 'London Freedom Pass' was accepted - with reluctance and '...only this once....'.

    Ten minutes later, I was 'randomly' selected for a '....100% baggage check...'.

    Identifying my Army holdall the 'security man' said: "Are you xxxx who was in xxxx (NI) and xxxx (Singapore) with xxxx (Great Scottish battalion), I said "yes", my unusual surname does give the game away from time to time.

    Ten minutes later, having righted the world's wrongs, we parted - my bag - unopened, and the good man's condemnation of the 'handling agents' ringing in my ears.

    I have done the journey six times since: by train! A seventh journey coming up in a week or so - by train.

    'SleazyJet' - change your handling agents.
  7. there are (IIRC) 150,000 people living on the IOW and many 1000's visit each year. all these people will require photo ID. all teens and non drivers will require to submit to the ID card in breach of a labour party manifesto pledge. This governments contempt for the people is again highlighted as this is another manifesto pledge they have deliberately broken. It's not like it is an unfortunate requirement, it is simply a means of getting more control of the people. and flying is not the same as getting a ferry. and how long before they extend it to trains ... busses .... cars ....
  8. msr

    msr LE

    You mean like Young Persons Railcards, pensioners bus passes and driving licenses?

  9. No, I think he means, like this:

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  10. c'mon, your better than that.

    at the moment I can go into a railway station, pay cash for a ticket and go anywhere in mainland britain. How far is this from a guy in a grey suit saying, "ihr papieren bitte!"

    this country gets more like nazi germany by the day.

    edited to add;

  11. ........ They will do it, and extend it, for as long as we let them.
    They are relying on our complacency, and getting it.

    [Edited to add:... And it's not so much like nazi Germany, more the communist ideal. These commies never did lose the cold war, they just laid low and took positions in local and national government. From local councils on up.
    All hail the new Britain.... And let me see your papers please!
  12. In the USSR internal passports were a must in everyone's pocket: to register into the library, to reserve theatre tickets, to verify one's name on a train ticket...

    The difference between there and then, and here and now is that now in UK the authorities have extensive electronic database -- a great means of centralised control of whereabouts and actions of every member of the society.
  13. Join No 2 ID. Smash this scheme before it is implemented. 10,000 people saying "no" will break it. Show a driving licence, even a provisional one.
  14. I seem to recall 1.5 MILLION signed a petition to say no to road pricing and the government still want to bring it in. 10,000 would not even cause them to raise their snouts out of the trough.
  15. Exactly my thoughts on reading the header.

    Was it not also a requirement to register with the Militsiya on arrival at destinations outside of your own Soviet Republic? Gordon you are listening aren't you?

    All we need now is to introduce "das Hausbuch" and we will have terrorism and crime sorted.